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Faith Ezelue: It doesn’t come easy, so I don’t have to be lazy or dizzy. I’ve got the energy, somehow, I must find it where it’s long hidden. It’s time to use it because dad told me I was born to win the fight.

Joshua Nkemnacho: Dad always told me that life was a competition. He pushed me into the harsh weather to fight. I looked at my mum for help, to pull me out of the rain, but instead, she said, “Son go, go closer where the fight is because you were born to win the fight!”

Favour Nkemnacho: I am a girl, gradually I grow into a woman. I thought being who I am meant I didn’t have to throw a punch, but I’ve got a hunch, and if I must win, I need to throw a punch, because dad told me I was born to win the fight.

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