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Some people are dead souls because they aren’t responding to the breath in them. You got to do, to be. If you bank only on intent or dream, without getting up to chase it, you’ll live a hundred years with empty hands. The only thing that does it is work, work, work. Stop talking, start working. Work on your idea. Work on your dream. Work on your expectations. You can’t reach your desired height mere staring at the sky. You must pull your weight. You must use your physical, mental and spiritual energy. You don’t win by mere vituperations. You win by congregating or fraternising all your skills, strengths and resources – all directed towards that goal. You can make something out of nothing. You can beat your background and succeed where the red lines of impossibilities were drawn against you. You can mock failure and say to him, I beat you. You can rise from decadence and pull freshness out of stench. You can become great where you were demeaned and ridiculed. It’s entirely up to you. If you decide to – YES, YOU CAN.

What makes you a success is embracing your very self. You won’t climb beyond mediocrity if you take another person’s identity, no matter how great that person might be. There’s something you are – you must endeavour to become that thing. You can’t be your very best, if you don’t become your real I.D. To be yourself, you must be able to interpret your mandate and understand that you’re part of why life has a meaning. YES, YOU CAN.

You can start from the very bottom of the ladder where life thinks it’s given you a pin fall. You can kick out, reboot your life and emerge the winner. You can run that great distance and cover those impossible miles – you can catch up with those who left you behind a million years ago, and even go beyond them. You can fly to that very height and even over and above those that propelled with the strength of rocket engines, and as you go pass them, you’ll recall the ages you always thought they were Gods. You can. I mean, you really can, and I say – YES, YOU CAN.

You may not have been given a chance. Let me tell you, you don’t need anyone’s chance. The best chance in life is the one you give to yourself. If you don’t take a chance, every chance you’re given makes a piece meal of you. You don’t need anyone’s opportunity – go make one for yourself. Step into where heroes dine.  You don’t need an invite – design yours and print one for yourself. Play your card – you’ve got the ace – the killer instinct – the only way to an enviable future. Take it. It’s all yours. Don’t wait for no one. Just take it, use it, and make it. YES, YOU CAN.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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