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Time is evolutionary. Where it was yesterday, isn’t where it is today. Another factor that is evolutionary is taste. The taste of yesterday’s fashion style isn’t what it is today. The world, as it moves in constant circular motion, also comes with various changes. If things change, and you refuse to either change or adapt, you will be caught in the web of only existing in history, while there is still breath in your nostrils.

If time and taste can change; situations, circumstances and positions also can. Where you were yesterday, can be different from where you will be today, if you understand how to aggressively reposition. What it takes is for you to assess your status and look for opportunities that will help you take the next step upward. When you identify those opportunities, boldly work on them without an iota of doubt. Believe in where you’re going. Never stop believing when all efforts seem to be abortive. What you consider an abortion may just be a purge that will make things finer. Until you get to its end, you wouldn’t understand some things you met on the way. But just keep going anyway.

In Screw it, Lets Do it EXPANDED, Richard Branson told this story. One day while going for a meeting, he was already late and decided to take a cab. His intention was to run through the documents meant for the meeting, which he wouldn’t be able to do if he drove. In the cab, the driver kind of, was overwhelmed on seeing him. He said, ‘Oi! I know you. You’re that Dick Branson. You’ve got a record label’. Then, Richard Branson was still the owner of Virgin Music until he sold it to EMI. The man kept chatting and chatting to Richard’s discomfort. He wasn’t in the mood to talk, as he was preparing for a meeting, but this cab driver wouldn’t just shut up. As if he hadn’t had enough, the driver started discussing his personal life. He said, ‘I might be a cabby by day, but I am also a drummer in a band. Would you like to hear my demo tape?’ In Richard’s heart, it was a straight no, but because he didn’t want to appear rude, he accepted to hear. Before he could say yes, the driver added, ‘You look tired. My mum lives around the corner. She would love to meet you. Let’s drop in and have a quick cup of tea.’ Richard Branson was pissed off, and gave him a quick no, as an answer. But this cabby said, ‘I insist, guv. A cup of tea is what you need.’ To cut the long story short, he followed him, as he played his demo tape in his cab. Do you know who this cab driver was? It is the legendary Phil Collins! One of the best musicians with the best voice that the earth has ever had!!

Who would have thought that great Phil was once a cab driver? Who would have imagined that the man that sang Another Day in Paradise was a talkative taxi driver? You see, you must not allow the status quo to define you. As you do that which does not befit you, you must, in your night season focus on your real definition. Your real definition is your real talent. Your real definition is your gift and calling. That thing that drives you passionately, you must not abandon, even if age is against you. Do you know that the story gets more interesting when the odds are against you? So, if no one recognizes you, still keep doing it. In spite of a handful of spectators, keep playing your game at its best. One day, that best, will make you stand with the bests on a great platform.

Standing with the bests reminds me of Stephanie Roche; the Republic of Ireland Female footballer. She scored a wonder goal when her team, Peamount United played against Wexford Youths. The match was watched by only 94 spectators. But during 2o15 FIFA Award, that goal was voted as second best for 2014 ahead of the almighty Robin Van Persie. Her goal was only behind that of Colombian James Rodriguez.

Some people reserve their best only when the number of spectators is best, but Stephanie has a mentality of giving everything even if no one was watching. That is what I call great character!

Great characters never allow their status quo to define them. They may be down, but they keep looking up. They may even be out, but always count themselves in. Count yourself in; stop stooping low in your head. Your low isn’t your definition. Respect your identity. Reposition; go from where you are to where you want to be. Is it possible? Of course, it is!



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