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Metaphorically speaking, everyone is a star. If everyone is a star, everyone should be shining. But the question is, ‘is everyone shining?’ The honest answer is NO!

Dailey gained admission into the University. Right from nursery, he was a very intelligent boy. His parents had great dreams for him, and they saw him as the first scientist that the family would produce. In his ordinary level results, he had distinctions, and his A’ levels wasn’t different. The best universities were coming for him. He and his parents carefully chose one that was outstanding. Previously, they had researched on the most suitable school for him. After months of brainstorming, they finally made a decision. Dailey was a genius; Dailey was a star!

His first year in the University was a cracker; Dailey smashed the results. He finished with the highest point. The first semester of the second year was the same; he also completed it with the highest point. He was the toast of his lecturers, friends and family members. But on the second week of the second semester, year two, something started going wrong.

During a birthday party in a friend’s house, Dailey met some guys. He bonded with them because they had some outgoing personalities that he admired. Little did he know that these guys were cocaine addicts. Bit by bit, he was introduced to cocaine. The first casualty was that he started reducing his rate of attending lectures. The second was that he started submitting his assignments late. These had a devastating effect on his results.

Everyone was shocked; everyone was surprised. The saddest part of it all was that he didn’t just drop out of school, but ended up in the mental institution.

Why do some stars not shine?

Cosmetic Mentality: have you ever watched some women use their make-up? Can you tell the difference between before and after?

I attended a wedding ceremony. The couple are people I know too well, but as they walked into the church building, I was looking for the bride; meanwhile, she was the one standing close to me. Pardon me; I thought she was part of the bridal train. All because of cosmetics!

Your foundation is your originality; if you don’t stick to it, you will be knocked off balance. Everyone was born to succeed, but everyone can fail if everyone decides to be lured into what other people are doing without carefully looking into their line of practices.

Some great career potentials have shot themselves, not in the foot but head, because they failed to continue with the pattern that gave them success – instead, they chose to follow some quick fix approaches postulated by those who enjoy breaking the rules.

If you are easily enticed by some abracadabra approaches to living or working, you better watch it!

Inferiority Complex: no matter how good some people are, they still believe that they are second grade. The lack of confidence in their excellent abilities makes them embrace ideologies that are inferior to their innate potentials. Some talents never get discovered because they are hidden in insurmountable rubbles of inferiority complex. Some young people are gangsters because they feel inferior. Inferiority complex affects a man’s perception of himself. A man’s negative self perception kills his self worth. With a dead self worth, he ends up becoming nothing even if huge investment is made on him.

Value-Check Indicator: before taking any risky action or making any decision that is on the periphery of silliness, I take my mind through four stages of structured self questioning. My first question is, ‘does the action I want to take agree with my beliefs?’ After answering that, I go to the next, ‘does it agree with my relationship?’ Thirdly, I will ask, ‘how does it affect my children?’ And then lastly, I will ask, ‘what impact will it have on my vision?’ If my decision or action fails to give a positive response to any of these questions, believe you me, I will drop it instantly. These questions are my guiding principles. They are my value-check indicators.

Some stars don’t shine because they lack guiding principles. Some stars are dark because they do not have value-check indicators.

You were born to shine in obscurity. The night is obscure, but how else can you prove that you are an epitome of light if everywhere is bright? So, shine when there are challenges – shine in pains – shine in gains – shine all the way. Be a star that shines; don’t kill your light. Simply SHINE!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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