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People with failed dreams most often get frustrated when they see those with fresh dreams. If they don’t discourage them, they have a go at them, or maybe, act in such a despicable manner that passes their frustrations on innocent dreamers.

Fresh dreams intoxicate. With fresh dreams, you see the future getting brighter than the sun. With fresh dreams, you feel that you have life under your control. But, as you begin to put your dreams to work, life begins to put you to test. It comes up with teething problems of an infant trying to have a bite at the meal provided by life itself, but in doing that, begins to stool and run temperatures. At this stage, those with infant mentality give up, and conclude that no dream actually comes to pass, or that those whose dreams manifest are the few lucky ones on earth. In real sense, dreams do come true.

Some people’s dreams fail for so many reasons, but find below, a few reasons I have discovered.

Intimidation: there are certain people I don’t like standing side by side with; those who are far taller than me. The reason is because I feel dwarfed anytime I stand with them; I keep looking up to make eye contacts with them, but something within me still makes me realise that I am being swallowed up or inundated by the person’s height.

Do you know that in terms of dreams, some people are intimidated by the height, size, and measure of other people’s achievements, and as a result, they never want to embark on theirs? They feel within their mentalities that there is nothing they can do to catch up with those they reverence, therefore, there isn’t any need trying. Because of this, they sit down and worship the achievers, while their own destinies slip into oblivion.

Inferiority: intimidation deals with size, but inferiority deals with quality.

Some people, in their perceptions, see any step they take as inferior to other people’s. In their thinking, they are second grade, while others are first.

People with superstar potentials have done nothing with their lives because they imagine that they are inferior. Inferiority complex cages those that should be on stage; it makes them spectators of those that they are better than.

Perfection: perfection mentality should be a positive mentality, but where it isn’t properly used, it becomes negative.

The world was not created perfect; it was created as being good. The reason for not making it perfect is for room to be available for improvement. If it was perfect, man wouldn’t think. Without thinking, he will become lazy. Laziness is unacceptable in a dynamic world.

If you want to be perfect before you launch out, you will never launch out. What you call perfect is actually encoded with unseen errors. When it goes on the shelf, reality will dawn on you.

I usually tell people to be perfect. Maybe, that is a wrong use of word. What I actually mean is that it has to be good. Being perfect is an ongoing task!

Voices and Noises: if you have a dream, get a few reasonable heads to discuss it with. After that, shut up, and move on. If you want everybody’s opinion, you will end up in the mental institution. Case closed!

Inconsistencies: many people have great ideas; get excited about it; tell everyone about it, and after a few months, the once upon a time healthy baby, dies on their hands.

Your dream will fail if you treat it with the attitude of a one night stand. Consistency is required to build a viable vision, otherwise; you will be lost in the mission. Work more when there are no results. Fight more when there is no victory. Strive more when there is no thrive!

Closed-mindedness: you need to be open to innovation in order to renovate. With closed-mindedness, you will stink with stale ideas. The world is changing; change positively. Embrace the right change that will make your dreams real.

Don’t ruin your future; your dreams can be real. Start Now!





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