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Who laughs last?

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The more I look inward, the stronger I become. The more I look upward, the higher my hope. I will never look around; if I do, I get rounded up. I will never look downward; if I do, I get dizzy.

For every purpose proposed, there is a price to pay. You only receive the prize when you pay the price. Paying the price can be so pressing, but you don’t get the gain until you are drained. Draining sometimes appears like a bane, but in the end, you see you’ve been bailed. Don’t cry! You think you’ve been framed, but it’s taking you to fame!! I will watch you on that rectangular box in a day, inspiring your world till its end. God
bless your day.

When you commit spirit, soul and body to your call, things at first may appear to be stagnant. Your importunity will pay off, not just at the end but a few steps after the beginning. The beginning may take a while; it is still better facing delay in your divine endeavor to whiling away useful time doing what is not yours. See, you’ve got to keep moving, if you truly want to get there! I don’t feel like moving, but I have no option but to, because if I don’t, I get moved.

If you refuse to crumble when situations come tumbling, no matter how obdurate it may be, you cannot eat from the crumbs. Your insistence on a positive ‘inside’ will bring about a manifestation of a positive ‘outside’. Though the rebels of darkness will war against your imagination, your persistence in the line of excellence will mute the volume of distraction.

I am in the labour room, pushing for the change I have always desired. I am on fire, feeling the heat in a winter. What an irony, someone would say. But in the fire, I saw my treasure. Oh the jewel that favours! Sitting on what they call a limbo not a limo, I still stand with my head high because I see the laurel.

Let them send the fire, since I know it will soon expire. I will continue to aspire, because I’m always inspired confronting the shackles so I can step out of the shambles.

Sometimes, my mind goes blank especially when agents of retrogression want me to go into depression. My recovery rate to cowardly utterances is quick and easy as I convert the pains to inspiration. If I bow to rejection, I am not ready for injection. I will get up, put their actions behind me, believe in my call, and see who laughs last!



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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