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Before discovering who I am, I was always daydreaming. Like in a movie, I would imagine that one day, some luck will shine on me; someone that is a billionaire will notice that I am a good boy, and then, out of sympathy, will some good amount of money to me, which will suddenly make me become wealthy. Everyday, I had that dream, until I got fed up of hallucinating.

As I got fed up of this endless dream, I began to wonder when I will wake up, and live my dream. In spite of my bewilderment, nothing changed, and nothing happened.

As an African, and a Nigerian to be specific, I like our Nollywood movies, even if some of them appear childish and unprofessional because of the repetitive storylines and poor production. Despite that, in our movies, we send a message of real life experiences, unlike the Hollywood movies that most often make no sense. But one wrong message we’ve succeeded in sending out to most fans is the mentality of get-rich-quick. For instance, there is a common pattern of storyline that is so prominent in most Nollywood movies; the pattern goes thus: a character in a play is so broke and poor. He came from a seriously humble background. Suddenly, he meets someone or something that makes him instantly rich. He buys a big house, fleet of luxurious cars, and so on. My take on that is that, not even a few of those movies display how someone can get rich through consistent hard work, and by finding purpose. Because of this erroneous message, most young people who see these types of movies assume that most often, wealth is obtained through luck.

Digging further, the celebrity lifestyle of entertainers in the western world also sends out wrong messages. Most people have binned the idea of success through painstaking progression. Everyone wants to either sing or play football (for young people). If they are too old to play football, they play something else; LOTTERY. When I get into corner shops, I notice that most people that purchase lottery tickets are grandpas, grandmas, great grandpas, and great grandmas. I may be wrong, but sometimes, I imagine what they will do with the money even if they win.

As the day begins to darken, man suddenly wakes up from his slumber to realize that a purposeful dream without a commensurate action is a dead dream. Many people are rolling the films in their minds that cannot make it to the real screen because all they do is dream. The one who makes his dream physical is the one it has dawn on, that every dreamer is a sleeper, and if he doesn’t realize when it is morning time, he will slip into his night. The night is close to the grave; a place of no return; a place of too many failed dreams.

A couple of years ago, I was tired of living in a vicious circle; I needed change. A change that will bring the inner satisfaction that I honestly craved for. I didn’t know how it would come; neither did I know where to begin. When I look back, I see some actions I took then, as major milestones that revamped my life for good. Today, I may not have the money I want, but I definitely have the inner satisfaction I desired, as someone positively and constantly impacting the lives of many through my blogs, books, and keynote speeches.

The first thing I did, to help me change things was to be unapologetically irritated with my situation. I never made excuses for where I was. And I never blamed mother or father. I just knew that success was my personal responsibility, and I must search for ways to succeed.

Secondly, I began asking myself purposeful questions. The main question I asked myself for years was, ‘what can I do to be successful?’ The reason that question is a billion dollar question is because what one person can do to succeed differ from another person’s. What a man can do is unique to his genetics. If he tries to do what isn’t his cup of tea, he will fail. Unfortunately, many people, rather than do what they can do, try to do what their friends or neighbors can do. If it doesn’t work for them, they heap the blame on one thing or the other.

If a man must succeed, he must learn how to ask himself life transforming questions. He shouldn’t just ask himself, he should also ask those that have the answers to questions of destiny.

To round up this article, I will give you an exercise to carry out. For the next seven days, shut your mind, away from the bustling and hustling around you. As you silence your inside, ponder on this question, ‘What can I do to succeed?’ If you are determined and honest with yourself, that unique answer will surface. It surfaced for me. That is why you are able to read this blog.

Let me remind you that it isn’t success if it is dubious!





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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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