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I have seen strives. I have seen those with the propensity to thrive. I have also seen great potentials, and people with unquestionable ability to drive, but somehow, after a while of chasing without expected purchases, they hide and slide, until they can no longer ride.

Thank God for the social media! It provides everyone the platform to showcase their innate abilities, although, unfortunately, some people see it as a channel for their irreparable adventures meant to achieve their nefarious imaginations.

I have, on so many occasions, seen on the social media platform, people with great talents. They come up with fantastic innovations, either in writing or other forms of their gifts. With that, I begin to observe them and to say to myself, ‘one day, if I have an event related to what this person is doing, I will get him or her involved.’ In spite of saying that, there is one way I test the character of a talented person; I use TIME as indicator of the person’s resolve to die for what he believes, stands for, or call a lifetime vision. On many instances, I have been disappointed by the inability of most talented people to wait and insist on their dreams until something happens. Many times, a lot of these people with great potentials, fizzle out when they don’t get the recognition they deserve after a short while. This inability to wait, make visions, dreams, or talents waste. Some people waste because they can’t wait.

I have actively been blogging for about four years, and for four years, I haven’t made a dime from it. And for those four years, my resolve never to dissolve gets stronger and better. Even when blogging for YAHOO, I never got paid, although they promised to, but that never changed my character to continue pushing what I love to do best – inspiring people through transformational and innovative leadership and personal development writing and teaching. All through these couple of years, I have been insulted, abused, called lazy and jobless person, yet, my determination to carry on with this love has never and will never dwindle. This is because, having found my purpose, nothing else brings me joy than bringing quality leadership information to those that are willing to ingest and imbibe the attributes of innovative leadership. Through the thick and thin, I stand for what I believe to be my reason for existence.

You don’t need to get paid to do what will make you great. In the initial aspect of your vision, you make the payment. Making the payment gets you established. When you get established, it then begins to pay you. The pay you get for getting established goes on forever.

When I featured for about two years on radio and television in United Kingdom, where I am based, I paid through my nose, until my wife and I couldn’t afford it (she believes so much in my vision, and she’s very supportive). Many people thought I was seeking popularity, and some thought that it should have been them instead of me. Others, who thought that my destiny depended on their approval, felt I should have waited for them to give me the go ahead before taking such a strategic step.

Why all these personal stories? The reason for this is to help you realise that you mustn’t fade out because your expectation hasn’t been to the level of fruition. The determination to persist when obstacles resist is the only force that can make you reach your desired destination. If you abandon your vision vehicle midway, those with cunning but not canning ability will pick up your ideas, and simply continue from where you stopped. With that, you have made the journey easier for them. And to your surprise, very soon, you will see your perceived product on the shelf of different branded shops, and you will mourn without anyone coming to console you.

Where are they? Where are the people that had the courage to begin, but went into hibernation because things weren’t working. Come out of your hiding place, dust your instruments, and continue from where you stopped. Make haste before someone who doesn’t know how you laid the foundation of your destiny take over your hard labour and your long aged brooded ideas. If you can come out, you will soon stand out!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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