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I don’t love tragedy and I don’t think anyone does. When I watch movies that begin and end with tragedies, I dislike them. I believe that somewhere somehow, there must be a reward for a person’s pain or sacrifice. When there isn’t a pay for one’s pains, I distaste.

Whatever your engagement, there is a stage when you hit the bottom, and the bottom isn’t a palatable situation. Many who hit the bottom never bounce back; maybe because they don’t know how to, or maybe they saw no hope and therefore remained at the lower ground. A few at the basement summon the courage to resuscitate; they manage to catch some breath and with that breath, they fight back and win back what they’ve lost or even make more than they lost. Such people are assets to the world because they have valuable information on how they won and how they can help others win. It is never funny being a neighbor to the pit; yes, I mean the pit, because that’s your circumstance when you hit the bottom, but if you survive, you don’t just have treasures, you become the treasure.

What are your gains when you hit the bottom?

Strong Foundation: when builders lay foundations, they first dig downwards. Going forcefully upwards defies gravity but going forcefully downwards is a crash. If you stay intact as you go down, rather than being crashed, you will break every obstacle on your way. How do you think foundations are laid? It is by breaking all the hard soils and rocks on the ground to create a depth that will hold a height. Your bottom moments may be opportunities to create that depth that will hold a better future. See it that way, and it will become that way!

You find treasures: the most expensive natural resources aren’t in the sky; they are down in the bottom of the earth. Same applies to every aspect of life. If you aren’t down, you can’t find the staircase to the top. The bottom you fear most introduces you to the real treasures of life – gold, diamond, coal, copper, platinum, and so much more. Your state of abjectness is a privilege to sit and think, and not to be stupid. When some hit the bottom, they consider suicide; that is sheer ignorance. Instead, what you should do is to isolate yourself for a moment of deep meditation – in that meditation comes an answer for a far better repositioning. Remember, the treasures aren’t in the sky; they are down where you moan.

Leaves you with only one option: when a man hits the bottom, where else does he have to go but up? I hate it when I hear that someone committed suicide – don’t tell me not to judge, but I think that is cowardice. I know it is easy to class some suicides under mental health problems but there was a sequence before it degenerated into mental health; it didn’t just happen overnight. When we make suicide appear cozy, we take away someone’s ability to wrestle. We must learn to fight instead of fright and hopelessness. Crumbling under minimum pressure doesn’t raise a viable society. We need to fight and believe that we can win. Resilience should be our goal in our pursuit; otherwise, there isn’t any need trying. What do you expect? Do you think you’ll go through a dream unchallenged? If you don’t think so, why then do you fall apart when those oppositions rival you? Grow up and go up!

Appreciation: I remember a number of years ago when I was homeless, I appreciated life better. When I saw people in one room apartment, I envied them. Before then, I complained living in two-bed flat, and felt life wasn’t fair to me until I knew what unfairness was. Today, I am thankful to be alive and to have shelter over my head and that of my family. If I hadn’t been down, I would have thought that everyone that was down was either lazy or crazy, but I now understand better that that isn’t always the case. Hitting the bottom has taught me a lifetime lesson; I will always appreciate what I call little.

Confidence: when you defeat a lion, what can an ant do to you? Fighting your way out of defeats gives you an unusual confidence. After beating bigger odds, when small fries challenge you, you simply laugh and brush them aside. Recently, I have laughed at some small fries because I have beaten bigger opponents. My laughter was enough to help me brush them aside.

Understanding people: without challenges, you won’t know who is around you. Everyone can be your friend when every step you take yields expected results, but how about when things aren’t working? How many stay and how many leave? Many withdraw when it stops raining on you. Many blame you even if it isn’t technically your fault. Some stop picking your calls – just a handful if you’re lucky hang on when you hit the bottom. The bottom avails you the opportunity to know people and understand the real world we live in.

You become a mentor: when you hit the bottom and fight your way out, you become a mentor to those undergoing the same challenge that you overcame. You know the pains of those that are down because you’ve been there. You even know the stage that they are because you were once in that stage. You have an answer to how they’ll win because you won. You are a treasure to humanity when you fight your way out of the pit!

Don’t stay down; get up and fight. You can WIN! It is POSSIBLE!!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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