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An icon stands out. What makes it stand out is the ability to set and score goals. Without goals, no one can win. It is goals that make a person or a team to be ahead. Icons are goal scorers.

A goal is a target that everyone wants to reach. The weak wants to reach it; the strong also wants to. The reason everyone wants to score goals is because goals define victory; goals define who a winner or champion is. The more you outscore an opponent, the more you move towards being crowned a champion. Without goals, there will be no gold. To reach that place where you can be celebrated, you must score and continue to score until the game is over. Sleeping during the game on the premise that you’re leading can spell doom, because your opponent can take advantage of your slip to slam you with a heavy defeat.

What is a goal?

A goal is a destination: destination is a purpose, intention, aim, objective or target. It is the place a person wants to get to. Every icon has a destination he wants to reach. That destination is boldly painted as a picture in his mind. He sees that picture daily and gradually but consistently runs towards that picture in order to cross the finish line. That picture inspires him in spite of the obstacles all around him. Whenever he wants to give up, he keeps seeing the destination of his true expectation; his goal. His goals are his driving force. His goals are his motivation to keep beating the odds. His goals make him accelerate towards a place of achievement.

A goal is an expected result or achievement towards which effort is directed: efforts without results are a waste of useful energy. The desire of every icon is to produce expected results. The goal of a basketball player is to keep putting the ball into the net. The goal of a boxer is to keep punching the face of his opponent. It won’t be an expected result for a basketball player to make all the efforts of taking the ball to the net but dropping it outside the net. You don’t win by dropping your ball outside the net. It is also a waste of strength and time for a boxer to keep hitting his opponent on the tummy without targeting his face. Points aren’t scored hitting tummies.

A goal is a vision where a man concentrates his focus and attention with determination in order to obtain an outstanding result: focus and attention are major tools required to achieve success in every endeavour of life. Without these tools, no goal can be attained. The people that succeeded made it because they were focused. Showing full concentration on your vision and calling with unqualified determination is what makes you an icon. If you want to rule in your pursuit, you can only achieve it with your heart, mind and body fully focused on what you do. Your focus will be tested by different forms of distractions, but your resolve to keep going in spite of the obvious barriers ahead of you, and the backstabbers behind you, or the wagging tongues of spectators beside you, or maybe, the competitors running against you is what will determine your success or failure. If your eyes are on your goal, you cannot fail.

A goal is the terminal end of a race or a place where points are scored: for a 100m runner, the goal is to be the first to cross that finish line. If at the end of that race, nothing is won, crossing the finish line means nothing because nothing is achieved. To make an impression on the minds of people, cross that line with success. Anything short of victory wasn’t made for you; you were born to win. If you are desirous, you can win. The icons of yesterday or today didn’t stop at the doorstep of success; they entered into it. They didn’t find it easier than you; on most cases, it was even more difficult for them, but the hunger to become winners kept them on the pedestrian of determination until they emerged. They didn’t stop trying in spite of their frequent failures; the more they failed, the more they tried because they believed in their hearts that one day, they’ll win. Because of this undying belief, they ended up winning. You too can win, where everyone said it was impossible. You can prove to the world that you’re not just on earth to compete, you are here to win!

Excerpt from the book, BE AN ICON.



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