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Every human sets goals consciously or unconsciously. If you decide to walk from Point A to Point B, Point B is obviously your set goal. If a woman decides on a Monday morning that come Saturday, she will do a major shopping, the major shopping becomes the set goal. Without stress, on that Saturday morning, she will go to the supermarket and do her shopping. At the end of the shopping, her goal is achieved.

If goal setting comes naturally with one’s area of strength, it becomes easy to attain. Most women love to shop, and so, it goes with their nature. When something is natural, it is self determined. Self determination comes from within.

In spite of the above said, I would like to point out that there are people who disobey nature, and therefore, do not conform. When nature prompts you to do something, and you disobey over and over again, it gets to a stage where it becomes silent. At that stage, you are on your own. A stage where you hear nothing from within, but only guided by your artificial insemination, is a deadly stage. Many have set goals and did nothing to make the goals attained. They have reset the goals over and over again without doing anything until it becomes an own-goal. Those who abandon their goals repeatedly are worse than those who never set any.

What determines your consistency towards a set goal?

Your Motive: your motive is the hub of your goal; it is the epicenter. Your reason for deciding to have a go or take a shot at that target is either a motivation or de-motivation.  If you have an inner conviction about your direction, no storm can stop you because you know it is worth the risk. But if your intentions are baseless, any little friction dissuades you from pushing on.

Your Conviction: do you really want it? If you do, you’ll go for it. Sometimes you wonder what some people really want. They say it’s an intent but from their actions, you can’t see it. Your conviction is pasted on your actions. The way you drive will determine your urgency and hunger. Urgency and hunger give you the determination to go towards your goal with your heart, your head and your strength.

Your Energy: when I talk about energy, I’m referring to the totality of man. The total man begins from within, and ends without. Your spiritual, mental and physical energy are required if you really want to attain your set goals. Mental strength specifically is what gives you that inner push to ride on when the going gets turbulent. Many people are spiritually and physically strong but mentally weak. Your true identity surfaces when your resolve to carry on is tested by obdurate circumstances as you head towards the target you’ve set for yourself. You may be jubilant when you keep scoring, but what you do when you aren’t is what determines your kind of mindset. This is where mental energy becomes absolutely relevant. You need it when things aren’t working; that positive mentality, that inner drive in spite of the roadblocks, and that reinforcement when you hit the bottom.

Your passion: the word “passion” has become a cliche, and is almost beginning to lose its strength in motivational writing, but despite that, it is quintessential in achieving a set goal. Without love for something, your hunger dwindles. Without the passion to reach a finish line, you’ll end up midway with the usual excuses. You need your passion to make that thing happen. Don’t do it if you aren’t passionate about it, otherwise; it will be useful time wasted.

Your Association: I am ardent when I talk about association. What many people haven’t come to terms with is that your company determines your drive. If your mates aren’t heading anywhere, the chance of you heading somewhere is remote. You can’t be bigger than your company because company is infectious. Any minute meaningful step you take beyond your association, you’ll consider to be huge in spite of the fact that compared to great companies, it is infinitesimal. The ants become lions when they hang out with lions, and the lions become ants when they hang out with ants.

Your Picture: without carrying a picture of where you want to be in your mind and head, the fact is that you won’t get there. Your mental picture dictates your destination. If you want to get to your place of work, the first thing you see in your mind as you commute is that building. The same thing happens to your set goal. Pictures inspire; pictures motivate. I have written in a number of my books and articles how mental pictures increase your determination to reach your goal successfully. Pictures impressed on your mind and thought are revolutionary. Paint a picture of your goal in your mind, and consciously view that picture with your inner eyes, and you’ll see how challenged you’ll be to drive yourself to the finish line.

Your Tuition: when you go to many schools, especially higher schools, you pay tuition fees. In achieving your goals, there’s a price to pay. Without paying the price, you may get somewhere, but definitely not the place of your intention. Everyone gets somewhere; stagnancy is somewhere – opposite direction to your dream is somewhere – diversions and deviations are also somewhere, but not your set goal. Pay the price if you really want to reach that place you see within. The price you pay include hard work (especially when it is inconvenient), what most Psychologists call delayed gratification (saving money meant for clothes, holidays, parties, etc, for investments in your set goal), starving yourself of sleep most times to work on your set goal, and much more.

Your Reaction: I do fail sometimes, but one thing I can guarantee is that I don’t fail twice. When I fail once, I react. While in the university, I took a course in enzymolgy and failed. I was so upset with myself that I couldn’t eat. I saw it as a setback but my reaction was very positive. That reaction gave me a good grade when I retook it and also stuck some of the information in my head after over 25 years. I don’t know how I would be able to recall some stuffs in enzyme kinetics if I hadn’t reacted positively. My relocation to the UK was a reaction – I wanted quality education for my unborn children,  and I knew that one nation that had abundance of it was the UK. At first,  I was planning without taking action until someone close to me breezed pass me by working on the initiative.  Then, I reacted.  Your reaction is key to achieving your set goal. If your folks attain a height you desire but hasn’t reached, how do you react? Do you get up and envy them, make them lifetime enemies or get challenged? Your reaction should be a determination to go closer to your set goal.

Your Rebellion: rebel against anything and anybody that will inhibit your resolve to accomplish your set goal. Rebel against everything that will kill your momentum to speedily cross the finish line of that plan. Don’t let any excuse stop you; fight against every genuine reason for falling behind in your intent. Be a rebel. Be a positive rebel!






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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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