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Unlike in the past, these days, we live in a more knitted world where we are more clustered, and the rivalry between us is getting higher and higher – the closer we are, either  in terms of human relations or by device; social media, mobile devices, or other forms of technological inventions, the more prone we are to belligerence. As the world goes bust in all forms of advancements and reengineering, the propensity to shove each other, step on toes or copy habits and behaviors is rife. In copying habits, we pick up the good, the bad and not just the ugly, but sometimes, the ugliest. We slip into predicaments when we don’t know the borderline between common sense and idiosyncrasy.

These days, we need everything in the world, even the things we don’t really need; because we saw them with someone else, and it looks fit or right for the person, out of greed, we feel it will be right for us. Our assumptions make us yearn for what we have no ability of, and what we have no capacity to either contain or retain. To be eagerly desirous out of greed is counterproductive in every respect.

Being contented is massively advantageous in many ways. To some, they don’t think it is, but in my strong opinion, it is everything that life needs. Lack of contentment puts people in a state of desperation, and a desperate person can do anything, especially negative things. Count yourself lucky if you escape the mayhem of a very desperate person. There are hundreds of reasons why a person should be contented, but I have enumerated a few below.

1. Peace: the peace of being yourself is not comparable to anything. The peace of not caring what anyone thinks, but simply going ahead to live your own life is unimaginable. Some people kill themselves over what other people think, and then end up stinking, and finally sinking. People don’t realize how important inner peace is until they lose it. When they lose it, their whole world fall apart. Contentment comes with moderate living; not living beyond your means, not buying beyond what you can afford, and even if you can afford it, you consider the poor and decide not to be extravagant when there are people that can’t boast of one square meal in a day. The highly spiritual beings that have gone through this world were very contented people, and for that, they were able to live exemplary lives and left enduring legacies worth emulating behind. Besides religious affiliations, it is well known that people like Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Mahatma Gandhi, and more, were very contented people, and today, we all make references to their legacies because of the sacrifices they made.

2. Indebtedness: one huge gain in being contented is you never borrow to fund a hedonistic lifestyle. Some people spend over one year repaying the loans they took to host a wedding ceremony. The question is ‘where they under compulsion to host an expensive wedding?’ The answer is no! They probably did it because a friend did the same. The friend they copied won’t help them repay the loans – the friend may not even know they took a loan to impress other people for a few hours. It is nonsensical to take a loan to finance avoidable recklessness all because you wannabe.

3. Competition: contentment takes you out of the circle of unnecessary and unhealthy competition. Some people want to outdo everybody even if they don’t have the means to do it. My take is even if you do have the means, must you be at loggerheads with people because you want to prove that you’re better? There are far better places to score points rather than grounds of no real values. If you borrow to compete for things of no profitable outcomes, you are nothing but dumb, and that’s what some people are. Don’t buy a hundred thousand dollar car when you live in a one dollar house. Which one enhances in value; the car or the house? Your car will depreciate in value while your house will appreciate.

4. Focus: a contented person is far more focused than a hedonic. Because he isn’t in unhealthy competition with anyone, or trying to outdo his neighbors, or a wannabe, all his concentrations are on his dreams or goals. With high concentrations, he gets his goals achieved on time. Those who worry over what people think about what they eat, drink or wear, hardly achieve anything credibly substantial. Always wishing you were married to your friend’s wife stopped you from developing your wife, children and home as a whole. The beauty in the other woman is hidden in your wife, but your lack of focus has prevented you from bringing it out of her. If only you focus on how to build your very own, you will be inundated with so much you have but never knew you had because you weren’t contented with what you had.

5. Good health: some people are insomniac because they spend sleepless nights thinking where they will get the money to fund an unnecessarily ostentatious adventure. Some people develop high blood pressure worrying how their children will become doctors even if they can’t solve physics calculations or balance a chemical equation, all because their neighbor’s son just gained admission into medical school. Rather than focus on the uniqueness of their children, they look outside the window and die over another person’s nature. Contentment gives you peace of mind, and peace of mind gives you good health.

6. Your Own Pace: everyone has his pace, and for the fact they can’t move at another person’s pace does not mean they can’t be champions in their own categories. Usain Bolt is a sprinter. Gabriel Selassie is a marathoner. If you tell Bolt to compete against Selassie in a marathon, he will be considered a failure. If you tell both of them to compete in sprint, Selassie will be a failure. Many people have been adjudged failures because they competed in events that have nothing to do with their nature, uniqueness and commitment. Contentment makes you run at your own pace – it makes you follow your nature, uniqueness and commitment!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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