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It’s true that Nigeria’s democracy is styled in the designs of military dictatorships.

During the #EndSARS protests, as the leaders were inundated with a barrage of resistance, they pleaded with the protesters to down tools and come to the negotiation table. Same time, they called in their foot soldiers; those they use to snatch ballot boxes and rig elections; the thugs, to cause mayhem, burn and loot property, to discredit the peaceful agitation. That tactic didn’t work as there was a made-up mind on the part of the youths to bring an overdue social revolution to fruition. At this point, it became apparent that the devices of the oppressors weren’t working, so they brought in their killer squad; the military and the same SARS that was “banned.”

They killed. They maimed. They stole the corpses of the deceased. They denied. They crisscrossed blames. But one thing remained standing; they’re all from the same table, those that traded blames.

All the above stated can be denied by the oppressors, and you can say, okay, at least they have some shame by not owning up, but this is what is inexcusable and undeniable, and it’s the scariest of all for me; the government’s actions after the protests suggest the putrefactions of full blown dictatorship. A crackdown on #EndSARS  protesters; seizure of passports, freezing of  accounts, and arrests of main players are invitations to anarchy. The incarceration of those escaping persecutions by attempting to leave the country is sounding the alarm bells of revolution. This congregated efforts of suppression will ricochet because this isn’t 1985. This isn’t the analogue age. This is the age where everything is a revolution.

CNN Investigative Video on #EndSARS

The actions of the Nigerian government and their minders is stirring an impending waterloo that’ll befall them, but they don’t seem to realise it. The employment and deployment of old dictatorial tactics is brewing their deception, but they’re only buying time, before being turned into shrivelled heads.

History constantly repeats itself, only that those who should learn from it always get deluded by their own egos, or maybe, their own narcissism. We’re at a tipping point, the days are getting close, when the sun in broad daylights will go dim, and the moon in the sky will refuse to give illumination. The oppressors, with their hands, will dig their graves, but it’ll be too late for them to bury themselves.

We have the time now to make sensible decisions and stop agitating our children, our young ones. My fear is that that time is implausible; it’s only a little window with a single ray of light. We either latch on it, and use it, or we kill it and get killed.

We aren’t always wiser than our offspring, even if we think we are. If we find it difficult manoeuvring the modern day technology because they’re too complex for us, we’ll find it far more challenging to stop a revolt we should have tamed with the flexibility of tenderness.

Our government is behaving like men on crack, so all they do is crackdown, without consulting common sense. Their imprudence knocks on the door of impropriety, but they don’t seem to realise it. They’ve wandered into the outer space of hallucinations; they’re stoned. By the time they return to normalcy, everything is dead. Their own. Their worth. Their love. They know not that everything dies. I’m shaking my fucking head!

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