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If you want to achieve your dream in life, what is the way to go? If you want to reach that goal and make it count, what is the way to go? If you want to write your name in gold, and leave a legacy on earth that the world will see and admire, what is the way to go? The way to go isn’t defined by the sat nav. The direction that’ll lead to an admirable life isn’t a function of the A to Z map. The way to go is to follow the footsteps of your innate potentials. Make your nature count. Make your essence of existence tread the road of destiny, leaving undeletable footprints. Walk on earth with a positive arrogance. Glide like the bird showing off its ability to fly high. Soar like the eagle. You’ve got the will to go – just go, and never wait. Make no excuse why you can’t step into life from the very top. You were born to fly – fly, when you should. You were born to attain unimaginable heights – don’t go low. You’re a champion. Be who you really are.

Right in the womb, they said I don’t have a right to live. I defied the odds, and I lived, and I’m still living. I have a role to play on earth; no one will take my place. I dare you, you don’t stand a chance being me, because me is me. You just have to be you; no imitations, no mimicking, no false image – just be you. You can’t be the best if you don’t take your chance – your chance is best taken when you decide to be no one else, but you. Stop looking out of the window. Stop seeing those on the streets adorned with multiple colours. You’re dark, but that’s fine. You’re ebony, but that’s fine. You’re red, but that’s fine. Greatness isn’t defined by colour; it’s defined by your will to drive, where you were born to go. Go that way; it’s the option to greatness. Ride on that caravan that may be slow, but is in the way to go. Stop the train on the broad road – get off, and follow your narrow path. The end of that path is the definition of your nature. That’s just the way to go!

I see you, a high flier – I don’t care how you were born; it doesn’t really matter. I see you, a hall of famer – where you’re coming from doesn’t really matter. I see you beat the odds and climb mountains that only a few reach the summit. I see you sit with the bests, go with the bests, and live with the bests. You’re the best, never settle for less.

You were the object of ridicule. You were close to the mud. You were non-desirous. They wrote you off. No one gave you a chance because chances weren’t meant for those that came from your background. Just when they didn’t see it coming, you zoomed past like a fast car. They thought it was a dream, but with their eyes wide open, you won. When you did, they said it was a flash in the pan, but till date, you keep winning, and you’ll ever win.

Common champ, stay in the way to go, never turning left or right. Common winner, remain on the lane of victory, never going backwards. Fix your eyes where the target is because that’s the only way to go.

Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, you can dream your way out of the pit of life. If you don’t let your environment cage you, but instead decide to see beyond your atmosphere, bit by bit, stage by stage, you will break the chains that held you down. Dreams reposition you. Dreams take you far above people’s expectations. Dreams, most often, take you beyond your own expectations. Dreams enlarge your mind. Dreams took you from where you were to where you are – dreams will take you from where you are to where you’re going.

Where you were born isn’t your final destination – it wasn’t designed to be so, but without dreams, you can’t go beyond your place of birth. Many who lived and died where they were born didn’t see beyond where they were born. If you enlarge your eyes, and look into the extraordinary, you’ll reach the extraordinary, and you’ll become extraordinary. But if you think you’re a grasshopper, what you think, you’ll also become. So, why not think big?

Travel in your mind to regions impossible – don’t be afraid to dream, dare, or desire. Go to where your fathers never went – go to where your mothers never went. Don’t let inferiority tie you down – think big, speak big, act big. See big plans, make big plans. In spite of that, never be arrogant – those who dream are never arrogant.

Dreams do come true, so dream your way out of the chains of life. You weren’t born to be trapped. What you consistently see in your mind, you can hold on your hands. It is no magic – it is the fact of life. The pictures you envision can become real, so, keep painting greatness in your mind – the more you paint it, the more your tendency of becoming it. Don’t doubt your dream. Don’t doubt your picture. Don’t doubt your tomorrow. Dream on! That’s just the way to go!!!!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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