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Don’t bring into your dream someone in the comfort of his room because he isn’t ready and hungry to go with you. He is too “sitted” to take a step. Go to the street and meet those who have been victims of the harsh weather; they’ve been baked by the scorching sun and frozen by the chilling weather but refused to die.

The comfortable make excuses; they have too many things to attend to; so they wouldn’t have time for you. The satisfied live in detached accommodations; they never mingle, therefore do not understand or fathom the pains of a dreamer. They’ve never been in labour, birthed nothing, and so wouldn’t realise what you feel as you groan with pains to put to bed your expectation.

The comfortable aren’t necessarily rich in literally sense, but in their mindsets, staying where they are, is better than chasing an unforseen future full of calculated and uncalculated risks. They aren’t ready to try but envy those who did and won. And to those who tried and lost, they mock and reiterate how they were right in discouraging them not to have a go at their dreams. Never discuss a dream with the comfortable because you’ll leave their presence disgusted.

The street makes the dream. They’ve seen the day and the night. They’ve been threatened by the wayward arrows. They’ve been chased by the starving lions. When you explain your stress, pains and concerns, they understand because they’ve been there. The street are empathetic; they see what you see, hear what you hear, and think what you think.

The street are a collection of unpublished dreams, yet not perturbed. They aren’t seeking for fames; they just want to answer their calls fully ready for the next stage. The street don’t do eye service; they don’t latch onto another man’s reward fending other people off. They are aggressive but not for negativities. They fight but not to maim. They drive but not dangerously. They patiently take their turns, and envies no one’s time. They celebrate the winners and encourage the losers. They come with cutting edge mentality.

The comfortable murder dreams, and when they can’t kill the dream, they go for the dreamer. They backstab, they rubbish and make miniature your hard earned results. They make you look stupid and say how they would have done it better if they had your position. But the position wasn’t given to you; you created it. As you fought to create, they laid in comfort waiting for you to fail. But you made it against their weird expectations. And you’ll continue to make it because you’ve got the power; the character!

Don’t share your dream with the comfortable. Don’t ask for help from those who lie idle and unwilling to activate. Don’t say to those who see risks in every project, “come to my rescue.”  If you have to run alone, run. If you have to strive alone; strive. A million comfortable people can’t make a team. You have no team if all you have are those without desire.

Hire hunger and you’ll succeed. Employ drive and you’ll arrive your destination safe and sound. Sit with the rugged and you’ll crush obstacles. But believe in a sloth and your dream will rot in stage one.

I’ll rather go alone than get the empty support of a snoring man. If I must trust you, I must first see how you’ve treated your own dream. If with levity you chase, I must with sanity beware. The street makes the dream. I believe in the street!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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