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In June 2010, I became too despondent on living in a vicious circle. I was fed up of just working and earning stipends without making an impact. Even if I had earned millions, I would still have been unhappy because, within, I felt I wasn’t being fulfilled. My understanding of success was making a difference, rather than doing the same conventional thing that everyone was doing. One night, I woke up wailing to myself and destiny because when I was a child, my dream was to bring comfort to all humanities by using my God-given talent. As at that point of dissatisfaction, I knew my gift but never did anything with it. So, it remained a raw material; unearthed, unprocessed and unused. That night of 2010, my number one priority was to first, unearth what I wanted to do most in my life, which is, writing to inspire, mentor and motivate people, in order to invigorate them into taking purposeful actions. That night in June 2010, my entrepreneurship dream began!

The second stage of my entrepreneurial dream was that of skill acquisition. I realised that if you actually pursue your talent, you end up learning some new skills. The skills you learn are not just useful to you; they are also useful to other people and organisations. Those skills are always in demand. A skill that is in demand generates cash. Anything that generates cash is business. Therefore, at this stage, full fleshed entrepreneurship is born.

I grew up as an introvert. Not many people who know me today will agree with that, but that is the truth. The advantage of introversion is that you write a lot of unprinted books in your mind; you also generate loads of unspoken ideas in your head. These unprinted books and unspoken ideas are the basis of my today’s writing. Many things you hear me say, or read from me, were things I said to myself for years – things that only me said to me. When I pondered on those issues and ideas, I thought I was wrong, and so, I kept them to myself. But when I began to read what creative minds were saying, I gradually began to believe in my originality, until I took the bold step of inking my words on the beautiful pages of destiny.

I began by writing books. At first, I erroneously thought that most bookstores will accept my books, and sell them. That was a huge error in judgment. I faced a stiff opposition. The second challenge was to deal with idea thieves. One of my books was cleverly tweaked by a number of people and rewritten as their own books. It was done in such a smart way that you can’t press charges. The people who did it were far bigger than I. My anger and disappointment reached the high heavens, but I wasn’t ready to sit in limbo and moan forever. What I did was to move on with caution.

To move on successfully, I needed to do two things. One was to hone my marketing skills. The number two was to be strategic in making good decisions. The marketing I learned in M.BA class wasn’t really useful because it was too theoretical and traditional.  The world has moved on. The social media have taken over from traditional marketing. If you don’t understand the dynamics and how to manipulate it, you will get lost in what you intend to achieve. Strategic management is too fluid and to understand it, you must ever be mobile in your thinking.

To promote my books, I learned the tricks of how to advertise on the social media with less cost. I further learned about Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Curation and Marketing, Infographic, Copy Editing, some bits of Search Engine Optimisation, and much more. I even did some training on multimedia, public speaking, market research and speech writing. I did a lot more than these, and also used them more than a thousand times. I had to reinforce the lessons I learned because of the humongous oppositions I encountered from institutions and individuals who felt I shouldn’t be the one to do the kind of things I do. The harder they came, the harder I pushed, and the more professional I became. That professionalism led to the launching of my blog in 2013 and the new digital marketing agency. has been a huge motivational and personal development blog to a lot of people. The feedbacks I get from the numerous people subscribed to the blog and those who follow on the social media are very encouraging. And with the very useful skills acquired in digital marketing, I have launched HOTSILL is into social media management and marketing, content Curation and marketing, website project management, multimedia training including effective communication, etc. We are proud to have trained some notable ethnic minorities in Britain on public speaking; project managed some charity organisations’ websites, handled book projects from idea generation to launch, etc.

Why did I decide to launch my own business? Watch out for the follow up to this article next week. I will be writing about the 30 Reasons for launching my own business!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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