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For a few, they get instant hits when they come out of their cocoons to showcase their talents, but for many, they struggle and struggle until they almost give up – many do give up indeed. Last year, as I watched the Man Booker Award on BBC, the winner, Marlon James, said he almost gave up writing 10 years ago. Why? Because there wasn’t recognition; no one seemed to notice that he was a great talent, but his determination to drive on, later made him win a worldwide recognized literary award. As I read the book, “A Brief History of Seven Killings,” written mainly in Jamaican Patois, I may not have liked it, but it won anyway. In my opinion, what made it win aren’t the contents, but a collection of the hard work and determination that have been put into his talent years before. I believe that life has a way of rewarding those who never give up – what you thought would make a hit, may not; what you casually put down in a hurry may give you that break you’re looking for, and because you don’t know which one will sell, you must keep playing the right roles that will take your talent to a successful stage. What are these roles?

Behind-the-scene: what goes on behind the scene determines the quality of the performance on stage. If the spectators go home happy, it was because those on stage worked nights and days to make it happen. If they go disappointed, something behind the scene wasn’t done well or right. Listen; you can’t sleep your way into success. Listen again; you can’t lazy your way into success. Your practice on your skill to perfect it is what makes it look like it is genetic when you display it on that platform. When mere men practice for an hour, to stand out of cheap competition, you must be ready to go over a hundred hours. If you have the discipline to, you will be head over those who can’t pay the price. There are millions of weak-minded people that find it difficult to pay their dues.

Opportunities: your behind-the-scene hard work will amount to nothing if you have no opportunity. Believe me if I tell you; only less than 1% of privileged people will show you the way to success. Opportunities aren’t scattered everywhere in the street; even if they were, they would be hidden in unappreciated objects which you wouldn’t think of touching. To recognize opportunities, you must see beyond what many people see. For instance, a problem is an opportunity, but to billions of people, it is the end of the road. Many diseases kill, but those diseases are huge opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to make money. When there was an outbreak of bird flu, the drugs that hadn’t completely gone through clinical trials were permitted into the market by different governments to checkmate the condition. The pharmaceutical company that developed it pocketed millions of dollars. That was an opportunity!

Look around you with keenness; what are the problems that need your talent as solution, although, they may not currently appear attractive. Those problems may be the break you’re looking for.

Say what you can do: I hate timid silence. What I call timid silence is when you come across an opportunity that will sell you, and you really need it, but instead of saying, “you can,” you keep shut because you’re too shy to confidently state your abilities. You are not being humble by keeping quiet; that thing you call humbleness is a thief. Be bold to say, “I can,” if you can. If you’re quiet, the bullish opportunists will take up the tasks, and then come behind the scene to source it out to you. With your beautiful skills, you will do a beautiful job, and they, on the stage, will take all the beautiful credits.

If you can’t say what you can do by speaking it out, there are many other ways to say it; WRITE IT! Write it on a website. There shouldn’t be any reason for someone going somewhere not to have a website. If you don’t have the money to design your own website, Google and WordPress have made it easier. Get a Blogspot or WordPress website for free. I was using a blogspot website before I designed mine. If you don’t want to use a website, how about using the social media? You are naïve if by now; you don’t know the business relevance of the social media. Publish what you can do on all platforms available to you. KEEP PUSHING YOUR AGENDA UNTIL IT SELLS.

Kill it: never mess with one minute opportunity you’re given to exercise your talent.  For a prepared person, one minute is enough to hit your target audience. When you have the chance, don’t just hit it; kill it! If you kill it, your performance will go viral. You don’t need more than a chance where it matters. That chance isn’t easy to find but when you find it, appreciate it, and use it wisely.

The poorest performances on stage are given by those who have no reason to be there. Avoid where you have no business. Embrace your call to be the best on stage.



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