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Show me a nation that was colonised, as in “colonised” that ended up developed, in its true definition. This is because slavery and colonialism don’t only focus on material gains; they work to impoverish the mentality of their subjects also. The impoverishment isn’t targeted on short term effects only, but designed for eternal sustenance. That’s why hundreds of years after “freedom,” you aren’t actually free because in your head, you’re inferior, and for this, you under-develop your homeland because it will “never” be as good as those of your captors, even if in the real sense, it’s far better.

It takes education of the mind to break off slavery and colonial mentality.

Many African leaders are suffering from this horrible epidemic.

I always thought it was just our leaders, until Trump came into the scene.

Faraway in unknown places in Africa, the sounds of the drums of his supporters reverberate. These people know he doesn’t like them; they read it daily on media platforms. They know he called them shithole nations. They know he endorses the supremacy of white over black. They aren’t ignorant of it.

Many sane people have wondered why it’s so easy to manipulate and subjugate black people. Many are tremored by the number of highly educated black people that developed insomnia because Trump lost the election. The answer is simple; slavery and colonialism were designed to damage the thinking faculty of the black race, and the educational curriculum was number one on the list of tools of mental deformation. That’s why the pattern of education in Britain is completely different from the one in Nigeria, even if Nigerians and Ghanaians deceive themselves that they run the British style of education; in reality, it’s overwhelmingly different.

To purge yourself from mental slavery, you must educate your mind. Ask yourself why you do what you do. Ask yourself why your attitude aligns with self-hate. Ask yourself why you think everything your colour does is never good enough. Ask yourself why you need a white endorsement to feel confident. Ask yourself why you think doing it in a mediocre way is black, while doing it perfect is white. It’s time to question yourself ALL by YOURSELF. Until we begin to interrogate ourselves within ourselves, we will remain slaves for life.

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