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As I looked through my electronic jotter to see what to write in order to update my blog, I saw where I wrote down a number of topics and points. I usually, on my way to work or any intended destination never keep my mind blank. I enjoy pondering on issues of interest as I commute, rather than leave my mind empty for silly bedbugs to infest. Sometimes, I am in want of something to write as inspiration doesn’t usually and always surface when you need it, and at some other times, you have so much to write that you wonder when you’ll be able to finish. At this particular time, there was so much to put down because all through the period of redesigning Success Inks website, no article update was done; instead, what should be published were written in bits and pieces of notes.

I have looked at how many people dabble into things especially making lifetime and strategic decisions in a hurry and in a shambolic way. I converse alot; I ask questions – I probe because I like to know. When I meet people for the first time, and they’re willing to chat, I like to know what they’re up to and into. In my little experience, I have seen that many make decisions without setting down certain parameters, and for that, they choke on the long run. If you make a strategic decision based on hearsay or public opinion without a proper sound check, you’ll find yourself in Waterloo. As you make that decision, why not first ask yourself the following questions.

 Does it fit into my dream?

Anything that fits into your dream self-propel, but if not, you struggle. Liking something doesn’t mean being born for it. When I talk about struggling, I’m not suggesting that doing something that fits into your dream doesn’t task you. In short, it demands more from you, and compulsory you to do far beyond mediocrity. As you carry out the painful but rewarding assignments, the expectations make you enjoy what others consider as unnecessary self infliction of pains. But for one that a procedure does not fit into his dream, he easily gives up when the road gets bumpy because his initial perception was that it would all be hunky dory. What fits into your dream isn’t blissful most times, but what it does is fill that vacuum that nothing else in this world can fill; that vacuum is your hunger and desire. Does that journey really fit into your dream, or did you embark on it to fit into another person’s expectation?

  Is it conversant with my nature?

I am not an artist or painter; when I see people painting or drawing, I wonder how they do it. If you train me for a million years, I may not be able to paint or draw because it isn’t in my nature. In spite of being a science based person, I still wonder how those circuits work, and how they’re able to transmit sound or moving images. I may have taught a bit of Physics in ‘A’ Level classes, but I still imagine in my head how someone in his nature would imagine how to ignite those thinking faculties to come up with ideas that stun the world. Have you seen those 3D images and said to yourself how people could come up with such creativities? Your nature must define your direction, otherwise, you’ll miss your way.

Does it give me inner satisfaction?

If you earn a million dollars in a month, that amount isn’t enough to satisfy you if you don’t have a passion for what you do. Your inner hunger will keep craving for your own identity if you don’t give it what fills it. Money doesn’t quench the famishes of passion. You will continue to starve until you eat, drink and swallow your inner call and yearning. It wasn’t money that satisfied Mark Zuckerberg;  it is the drive to bring people together in a network called Facebook. It wasn’t money that made Steve Jobs popular even after death; it was the hunger to turn communication devices into fascinating mobile and pocket-able sizes. Today, we carry the whole world in our pockets because someone satisfied his inner yearning.

 Do I have the skill for it or am I willing and able to acquire the skills?

Desire alone doesn’t do it – you must have the necessary skills to make it happen. If you want to be a singer, do you have the skills required or are you just relying on talent? Relying on talent alone wouldn’t get you out of stage one; you need the skills. Talent is raw; skill is refined. If you wear raw diamond, people wouldn’t be able to know that it can glitter. Rawness does not glitter because it comes with loads of impurities. Until you refine it, you’ll remain a star in the shadows.

Am I ready for the fight?

Every gift comes with a fight; I have probably said that a million times on different platforms. You have to fight to make a difference – that is a fact. Many people like deception; they want you to tell them it is easy, but the truth is that it isn’t. Another truth I will tell you is that if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never have a boring moment and at the end or far before the end, you will laugh. If you’re consistent, persistent, impudent, committed and ready to be omitted by many who don’t understand how dreams work, you will celebrate for life, and also leave a legacy for those who own the future.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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