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A night before writing this article, I was in the studio section of a conference airing a live television programme. My reason for being there was because I couldn’t get a seat in the main hall as it was jam packed. While there, I began to notice and learn some life changing principles. I totally believe that principles are the laws of change; so I always embrace them when I find them. As I sat behind the Mixing Engineer, there was one word he kept repeating in almost every statement as he communicated with the Cameramen. I would hear him say, ‘Camera one, improve your focus. Camera two, your focus is blurred, zoom out. Camera three, focus on the man with the white shirt’. All through the programme, it was focus, focus, and focus.  What is focus? Focus is the central point of attraction, attention, and activity; focus is the place of concentration, convergence, and spotlight. In essence, focus is the ability to see one thing, hear one thing, and follow one thing. The problem with a lot of people is that they see, hear, and follow too many things. As a result, they end up nothing. You can only end up something when you see one thing. Seeing too many things makes you see nothing. There are people who study too many things and end up in confusion. To make a difference in life, you don’t need too many things. If you are not specific, you cannot be an expert. If you are not specific, you cannot be a specialist. I have heard or probably met people who are Medical Doctors and qualified Accountants at the same time. Such people boast of their qualifications, but if you take a closer look, you will discover that they are always in second positions in both careers; they’re hardly first. If you don’t put your eyes on one thing, and pursue it to the utmost, you will remain feeble and fickle. To be the best, you must be focused. Life without focus is life without form; life without focus is life without future. If you do not focus, you will be off-course. Being off-course is diverting or deviating from a set target; diverting or deviating from set target is derailment. No sensible person wants to join a train that is bound to derail. Derailment is tantamount to death; it is the quickest way to aborting a purposeful vision.

What you see, study, and work on daily, can easily be manipulated, innovated, or recreated. Understanding is the key to creativity. You cannot pursue three things at the same time and expect to know the details of those three things 100%. To be focused, you must make a choice. Your choice must go with your passion. I must make you understand that passion does not always bring instant hit; most choices made by passion require endurance before the dividends begin to manifest. In every focus, there’s a price to pay; when you pay it, you later gain it. It may take time, but focused people end up winning.

If you’re not known for one thing, no one will trust you. I cannot hand a responsibility to someone who is Jack of all trades because, I can’t tell how much he knows. Knowing a bit of everything doesn’t make you an expert in anything. For creativity to be effective there must be specificity. As a person with a Biochemistry background, I know that enzymes are specific. Each enzyme digests only one type of food. For this reason, one molecule of enzyme can digest hundreds of thousands of molecules of its specific kind of food. You  can achieve so much in your area of choice if you are focused. Focus gives direction. Focus produces confidence. Focus makes a person an authority. No one will ask you to autograph what you did not create; you can only create what you focus on. I recently spoke in a conference in United Kingdom about Purpose based on one of my Books; Finding Real Purpose. As attendees were purchasing copies of the Book, most of them insisted that I have to autograph their copies. If I had not been specific or focused in my area of calling, I wouldn’t be able to author a book in that area. You cannot write about what you’re not focused on.

In conclusion, I would like to say that being everything and everywhere means going to and fro, back and forth; it means working but not making progress. Progress is achieved by focus; progress is attained by concentration. For the fact a man is sweating does not mean he’s advancing; advancement is gained by taking purposeful steps in a specific direction; not directions. Attempting to walk on two or more roads at the same time is equivalent to tearing yourself to pieces. If you’re in pieces, you can’t have peace. Where there is no peace, there is no feast. Be specific; see one thing. The power to excel is in the power of focus. Focused people end up as famous people!



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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  1. If truth is to be told, no focus, no realistic achievement in life.
    excellence in anything requires %100 focus.

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