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The motion of 3-D vision; direction, determination and destination

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I’m not yet there; if I was, I should have known. That child isn’t yet born; if it was, I should have heard the cry of a new born baby. I know where I am; I know where I want to be; I know the cost of being there. So everyday, I go to vision’s shop, head straight to the counter, and pay daily the price it charges me.

When I wake up daily, early in the morning to do the work I have a strong passion for; a job that hasn’t paid me my wages, it isn’t like I don’t feel sleepy. No one was born to hate sleep, but vision demands that if you must reach your goal, there must be a waiting time. Waiting times are full of sacrifices to make, because that is the period where your good works are only recognised in the inner recesses of man; no outward thumbs up. A time when you question your motives and reassess your whole life is a time of being in the dark. A time when no one gives you a chance is the period when you ask yourself questions that no other person can put forward to you. A time when the journey appears longer than you imagined is a stage that tests your mental strength, to see if you’re still on course or not.

The first motion of 3-D vision is not technological but psychological. When I write on vision, I like using true life stories because in my little walk, one thing I have achieved is the ability to study human behaviour. Based on my observation, I treat everyone on their level of merit. I am a man passionate about networking; in networking, should be a win-win situation. I have benefitted a lot from the good friendship developed from certain genuine networks; a few people have also benefitted from me. What I have realised is that a true vision is a long walk. When I discuss with anyone that wants my little input to his vision, I try as much as I can to explain a true roadmap that I can foresee. But I have realised that truth either discourages some people or scares them away from their goals in life. A lifetime goal does not take a few weeks to score; this is what most visionaries should understand. Some people want it so quick, but an enduring product goes through an enduring time of idea generation, design, prototype formulation, production, testing, marketing, post-market testing, and sometimes, even much more.

My interpretation of motion of 3-D vision: direction, determination and destination are as follows.

Motion: The most challenging aspect of assisting many people with vision is the ability to make them start moving; this is where I have been frustrated many times; taking the first step is a major problem. When people are used to a certain style of life, innovation and change disorganise their thinking; many people are not ready to upset their status quo, therefore, motion becomes a problem. A man can get his mentality restructured if he insists on moving, even if the brain refuses. To get going, you must push yourself. If you do continuously, in a little while, your body will get used to it. Stop talking about what you want to do; start doing what you’ve been talking. If you want to power your goal, you need to be in motion. Your goal doesn’t reside where you live; it is far away; get up and run towards it.

 Direction: motion is good when it is in the right direction. The motion of a derailed train is doom to those in its direction. There is no short cut to a good vision; any other road you take in order to quickly make it happen is equivalent to derailment. Follow the right roadmap, because zeal without the right route either leads to emptiness or unexpected huge and unnecessary cost. A man crawling like a snail but in the right direction is an asset; a man flying like a jumbo jet but in the wrong direction is a disaster. Direction is a massive relevance in a vision. Reconsider your route; are you in the right direction?

Determination: it is commendable to take a step, but a few steps don’t take you there because where you’re going is not within your territory. If it was, you should have been there long ago. Many times, I run out of fuel when things seem to be reluctant in spite of all the efforts I’m putting into my vision, but one factor I have noticed is that for every dream pursued, there is a lag phase. For example, in culturing bacteria (I mean growing; I’m using a Microbiology terminology), there is a point you get to, when it stops multiplying; that point is a lag phase. Until you introduce additional agar (food eaten by bacteria), the lag phase will continue to be, but when that agar is put into the culture plate, a new form of hope and life make the bacteria continue their growth.

Like in the culturing of bacteria, reintroduce a new zest into your dream and purpose. You need that determination in that right direction you’re running. Determination will push you further when your fire seems to be extinguishing. It will help you run the distance when there is no one to encourage you. Determination is self motivating.

Destination: destination is the focus of your vision; that is the final picture of where you want to be; never lose sight of it. Running in the right direction with determination is good, but knowing where the vision ends is something else. Some people, with so much zeal run pass their destination until they become confused. The vision to give your son good education should end when the purpose is achieved, but some parents run beyond it by deciding who the young man should marry, against his will. The vision to expand your business is fantastic, but some entrepreneurs go pass it by reinvesting the money meant for staff salaries and wages. Understanding destinations creates a balance in a vision.

Knowing the motion to a 3-D vision is necessary in driving yourself to where you really want to be. Remember that motion must be in the right direction, with a commensurate determination heading to a purposeful destination.



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