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Do you want to hear the truth, or should I lie to you? If you want lies, I will tell you that you need everybody in your life since you don’t know who will make an impact on you. But if you want the truth, hear it and hear it clearly, you don’t need everybody in your life. The people that will help you reach your goal are not more than 1% of those you know now, or will know all through your lifetime. That is the honest reality.

So many people are waiting for the whole world to cheer them because they have a dream, but rather than cheer, you either get booed or they mute in order to make you look insignificant. Your ability to withstand boo or mute is what invites people of significance into your world.

As a person of faith, I love the parable where a shepherd who had one hundred sheep left ninety nine of them to go search for only one that was missing. When I was a child, I thought the shepherd was stupid. How on earth should you leave ninety nine sheep to go after only one that strayed? What if something bad happens to the ninety nine or someone steals them? Now I know that one useful relationship is better than ninety nine friends or family members with no substance. One great customer or client that brings a major contract or business is better than ninety nine debtor-customers or clients who owe you for ages until the buying power of what they owe loses its strength. I feel for those who disrespect the most significant 1% of people in their world. How can you disrespect;

Those who Inspire: inspirational people challenge you to be the best in your set goals and dreams. They are formal or informal in their mentoring. They may not bear the title of being inspirational people; they may not even know that they’re inspirational. From genuine hearts, they just want to see people’s dreams come through, so they do all they can to encourage anyone they come across with a vision.

Inspirational people form part of the 1% most significant people you need to make things happen in your pursuit.

Those who aspire: those that aspire are not direct motivators; they are indirect. They are people assiduously chasing their goals, but their self drive inspires those who observe them; they may not know that they are under observation.

Where most people miss it, is where, instead of getting inspired by the aspirators, become envious. If someone drives faster than you, watch what he’s doing so that you can copy it and do it. One good thing about principles is that it can be copied, and when copied, produces the same result.

Those that aspire, innocently make up the super 1% of people you need in your life.

Those who generate ideas: if you sell a dream to some people, you will be gobsmacked when they come up with some fresh ways of making it a reality. These types of people are gifted in ideas generation. If you sell the same dream to ninety nine percent of certain people, they will remain stoned like a two hundred pound rock hit them on the head.

If an idea generator strays from your one hundred sheep, please, abandon the ninety nine, and go look for him.

Those who create values: creating value is enhancing the quality of a thing or making profits. Value creators take raw ideas and purify them. They can take a scrap, refurbish it, and make huge profit out of it. They don’t just do that for themselves, they are hungry to turn people’s impure substances into valuable materials. Value creators see the hidden value in a mountain of rubbish. While other people give up because they can’t see beyond their noses, those who create value look beyond the façade.

The administrators: the administrators don’t generate ideas, neither do they polish them. They are highly skilled people who follow the designs drawn by idea generators and those who polish the ideas. The administrators pay close attention to details; they know how to follow instructions, and so, are able to do as it is written. They are meticulous, and never miss a line when putting the bits and pieces together.

The fighters: the fighters are those that get involved in battles that are none of their businesses. As you follow your vision and begin to get results, some fighters show up to see any idiot that wants to stop you. And truly, some idiots do show up when you’re about to launch or be launched. All through the years of your travail, they never saw you, but the moment it’s your time to shine, they come up with some silly reasons why you shouldn’t. For these kinds of people, you need the fighters.

The peacemakers: some fights mess things up. Rather than make you, maims you. At this stage, peacemakers are required. Peacemakers have unusual ability to calm tumultuous situations. When they speak, fires are extinguished. In your most significant 1% of people, you need the peacemakers.

The critics: some criticisms may be damaging, but its effect is dependent on how you take it. Life without critics is life without improvement. Critics indirectly challenge you to do better. If there isn’t anyone on your case, you are in serious trouble.

Stop waiting for the approval of ninety nine percent of people; one percent is big enough to make you win. The day ninety nine percent backs you, you may be doing something wrong!




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