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The money or your life?

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The title of this article seems to be out of context because usually, the slogan supposedly used should read, ‘Your money or your life’. When a robber stops a person at gun point, if he is kind enough, he gives him the option of choosing between handing his money over to him or losing his life; after all, where there is life, there is hope.

On different occasions, when I had the opportunity to speak to either individuals or groups of people on Poverty and Mindset, I do insist that poverty isn’t lack of money but lack of the right attitude. When Psychologists and other relevant professionals conclude that a child that lives in a less privileged or deprived area has a high probability of not doing well in school or society, I have always and will continue to disagree with it. The poverty of the mind is worse than the poverty of the physical environment. I believe that a man’s choices determine his outcome; a child’s choices also determine his outcome. My life is one example that proves Psychologists wrong. For me, it wasn’t a case of broken home or deprived environment; it was that of a home or environment that never existed, so I was born to begin from nothing. Due to this, I do not, and must not condone excuses from those that have a better upbringing; neither do I accept genuine reasons to be stagnant or decadent from people with obnoxious beginnings. My insensitivity, so to say, is based on the premise that you can fight your way out of the pit if you choose to.

To prove that it is possible when a man makes the right decision, I bring to you the story of a New York homeless man that was offered two options between being given $100 or months of computer training. Many homeless people in his position would have chosen the money rather than the training, but 37 year old Leo Grand decided to go for the training. Then, 23 year old Computer Engineer; Patrick McConologue gave him one hour daily training for a few months, and in a short while, the homeless man was able to design his own car-sharing app for New York, called ‘Trees for Cars’ which has gone on sale. Before then, Leo was sleeping in New York shelters for two years. What saved Leo was his decision; his choices turned his life around.

There are many people that have been offered similar alternatives but decided to go for money; they chose the money instead of their lives. Everyday, everywhere, the opportunity to reposition is flying in the air; the setback is that many people can’t see it. Even if some people do, they aren’t mentally strong enough to take it, because taking it requires a lot of self discipline. The price of self discipline is too much for many people to pay, so the best option is to sit in limbo and blame everyone for everything that has happened to them. In my little way, I have talked my heart out to those around me, in terms of the power of self development, but how many people really act on what is said? I have taken it further by blogging daily, the relevance of personal development, but how many people read the articles? Things that add little or no value to humanity are things that are most attractive to man. Does it surprise you, when certain obscene materials make huge internet hits? Meanwhile, you almost practically beg people to follow you on your blog or social media, to learn how to make life better for themselves.

The Money or your Life, which one would you choose? The $100 note will sort you out today, but can’t sort your future. The stipends will give you some meal today, but can’t sustain you for life. If you were given two options; money or skill, which one would you go for? Your choice determines your mindset; not the designer wears you’re putting on. You can be a multimillionaire and still have a poverty mindset because of the choices you make. You can be dressed in rags or live in a shack, and still have wealthy mindset, if you know how to make quality decisions. Leo was homeless, but in his mind, he lived in a palace; that was why it was easy to rescue him. To be free, your mind must be free. To be wealthy and healthy, your mind must be wealthy and healthy. Your choice determines where you will be, or end up. It is not a question of ‘Your money or your life?’, but ‘The money or your life?’ The decision is all yours; the choice is all yours; your future is all yours!


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