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When I launched my blog;, one decision I made was to consistently use it to motivate and inspire people to challenge themselves to greater heights. Based on that decision, I diligently brainstorm on different topics that I think will add value to my followers. Sometimes, it’s not easy to come up with something that isn’t repetitive because what forms the basis of your message is your vision statement. So, in whatever you write, unconsciously, your core value keeps appearing in-between the lines of your script.

For over two weeks, I wanted to put something substantial on the blog. The more I tried, the more multi-fragmented topics and information kept barraging my mind. The notebook on my phone was inundated with splintered information, as it is my culture to jot down any idea that flies through my head.

In spite of not being yet, where I want to be, I have never lost faith in where I will be. In spite of people not being where they want to be, I have also never lost faith in where they will be, if they are really determined to be there. One basic issue that gets me upset when I meet certain people is their inability to believe in their tomorrow, especially after being well informed. Information to me is inner sight. Anyone with inner sight should gyrate with confidence because he has the ability to envision the end from the beginning. But when people out of self esteem problems shut their inner eyes to look down on themselves, I quiver and shiver until I almost become a beaver.

Someone was asked to make a contribution during a meeting, and what she said got me irritated because she looked down on herself. Believe it or not, the radiance of those who look down on themselves is masked in the balaclava of backwardness and impossibility. They never shine; not because they haven’t been oiled, but because they have sold their true identity to the hade of emotional breakdown.

Everyone has a problem. The rich also cry. Challenges weren’t reserved for those at the bottom of the pyramid alone. As far as life is concerned, everyone will pay his dues. So why cry like you’re the only one on the highway of life?

To respond to this person that couldn’t see beyond her current status, I made a statement. Wherever it came from, I don’t know. I feel I was just irritated with people being impatient with life. To her and other people seated in the gathering I said, ‘People should realise that vision is in three stages; the idea, the road and the accomplishment. If you understand this, you will not worry yourself to death’.

Many times, many of us have had winning ideas roaming furiously in our minds. As they roam, they burn with unquenchable desires to transform into reality. With speed, we write and share our ideas with those who matter most to us. In our hearts and heads, we can see the picture of where our ground breaking ideas will take us. Therefore, we are willing and ready to run towards the target we see. Rather than run like marathoners, we sprint, until it dawns on us that the picture we saw was the vision; the reality is the road.

When those who sprint realise that the race is beyond 100 meters, they drop off. When those with sparse patience recognize that the race goes beyond the spherical structures of the track, they surrender. The highway isn’t in the stadium; it was constructed through the jungle. If you truly have a vision, get out of town; hit the road – the journey has just begun!

The only action that will keep you straight and steady on the highway is dream. The dream of continuously seeing the picture that was painted when you first birth the idea is what will keep you going. If you lose the picture, you lose your future. That dream is what will keep your radiance because everything and everyone will forsake you at a point on the highway. It will get to a junction where your description of the image you see will be taken for hallucination. To the world, you have become schizophrenic, until you reach the place of accomplishment. When you get there, you will make lots of friends, but until then, remember that a vision is in three stages; the idea, the road and the accomplishment.



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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