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This morning, I was reminiscing – thinking about my childhood – how I grew up, and the people that were around me. I thought of them and the results they combed out of life. As I pondered, I matched their outcomes side by side their successes, and only a few passed the test. I began to question their characters and the decisions and indecisions they made. I question characters when people don’t take advantage of the opportunities around them, and what people don’t see as opportunities, I do see. It was not an opportunity to be born poor, but to me, it triggers the anger not to remain poor – the trigger is an opportunity. It’s not an opportunity to grow up in an environment where there isn’t a provision of a basic, quality education, but to me, it instigates a hatred for ignorance – the hatred is an opportunity. It was not an opportunity to go a whole day without having three square meals, but to me, it wakes up a vexation of seeing people hungry – that vexation is an opportunity. One thing that doesn’t qualify as opportunity, even if you may not agree, is being born with everything you need at your disposal. People born with everything hardly have desire, hunger, and anger to achieve goals and attain certain heights, and I respect a few who do – it takes everything within them to be.

I have said it a million times, and I will say it a zillion more times – you can be whoever you want to be, reach wherever you want to reach, and climb the highest heights if you make up your mind that you want to. The distance between you and your dream is you – your mindset, the way you think, the pictures you paint on your mind. If you have a poor mindset, a billion dollars in your account cannot make you rich, and the first people that will protest against this statement are the poor ones – I’m not attempting to blackmail anyone, but it’s a fact. In another perspective, there are people with zero bank balance who aren’t poor, because a lack of money doesn’t make you poor – it’s a wrong mindset that does.

Out of a million people, nobody may be lucky. In the UK for instance, according to LottoLand, ” a staggering 70% of the UK’s over 18s take part in the national lottery on a regular basis, which is close to 45 million people. (That’s about the same amount of people that live in Ukraine.) On top of that at least 50% of the overall population do more than once a month, and on average they buy a minimum of 3 tickets each week.” But out of this number, how many people win anything? Only the most unbelievable and ridiculous number.

Everyone cannot win lotteries, but with the right mindset, everyone can succeed. The success level of everyone will definitely vary, depending on their abilities, but they will still be successful. No one was born to fail – people set themselves up for failures, and those who succeed don’t because they are lucky, but because they also set themselves up to succeed. Instead of admiring successful people, make up your mind to be one of them, and work towards it. If you do, nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing will stop you from reaching your desired expectation. I’m not suggesting that you will walk on a plane – no you won’t. The summary is that you will climb mountains, you will come face to face with brick walls, you will get to dead ends, and the only thing you might see will be seas, but if you don’t give up, but continue to fight, you will succeed. I have gone through life. I have fought dragons. I have reached where death was the only option, but refused to die. If it didn’t kill me, it won’t kill you. I have had guns pointed at me, and I mean literally. My vehicle has summersaulted several times in an accident, and the vehicle was heading into the Atlantic Ocean. I have been denied and rejected. I faced life all by myself, hungry, dejected and depressed, but I just refused to die. It’s same me that’s telling you that success is possible for anyone and everyone who believes. As a student, I couldn’t feed myself because there was no money to. There were years I couldn’t wear shoes – not that my feet hurt, but because no one bought for me, and I kept praying for someone to give one to me. Today, and I’m being honest, I don’t know the number of footwears I have – I haven’t worn some of them for a year plus. I stopped buying because they were occupying useful spaces.

Don’t get me wrong – success isn’t about what you wear – it’s about who you are, believing who you are, and working to unfold who you are until it becomes very obvious, transparent, and conspicuous. You are something – stop saying you’re nothing. If you were nothing, you wouldn’t be created. For as much as you made it to this earth, you are a success. Listen; I am not in the game of hyping people – I don’t write to deceive. I don’t write what I don’t believe in and haven’t done, or what I am not doing. When I call you a success, I am telling you the fact – no games – I hate playing games with people’s lives. I came from the dust – I’m heading for the crown, and I will wear that crown. I am saying the same thing to you – you may have come from the dust – I challenge you to go for gold. If you do, you will wear the crown of a champion, made entirely of gold, but it all begins with the mindset.

A man’s mindset is what takes him to the heavens or the hades. A man in hell can make it to the heavens if he changes his mindset –  a man in hell can transform his life to heaven if he updates his perception for good. You will remain where you are if you don’t understand how your mindset can transform you from the bottom to the top – your negatively programmed mind does you no good. The picture in your mind is what determines your outcome of life – nothing else. No one’s plan for you can override your perception of yourself, except you change it. With your thoughts, your inner pictures and perception, you are in charge of your destiny. When you believe that you can, you truly can, and when you think you can’t, until you change that thought, you truly can’t. There will be odds – more than you can imagine. There will be high walls built against you. There will seas opening up from the grounds to sweep you away, but they aren’t big enough to stop what you believe. Your beliefs are stronger than the fieriest and scariest nightmares ever had – they don’t stand a chance stopping you, if you insist that you will succeed in life. Change your mindset – don’t let your environment, background, fear, age, friends, or anything stop you. Stand up and be what you want to be – climb the heights you want to climb. Believe again. See again. Paint that great picture again. You can be, if you believe.





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