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I woke up around 0200, 27 December 2018, and had just one thing in mind, “What New Year Message should I send to those who follow my blog, or what sort of article should I write, without necessarily repeating what I have done in the past?” After pondering for a while, I came to my usual conviction that a message of success never changes its skeletal formation-it may wear a different skin colour, but the principles remain the same. With this in mind, I decided to give what is needful, though it may end up with the same intention.

I am a man with a deep pondering heart. Those who see me from the surface only know the comedian in me. Others who look a little bit below my skin see the anger in me, because sometimes, I am ferocious, but those who live with me understand how I do my things. I am an early morning person. I wake up, probably everyday, around 0300. I ponder a lot. I think about how life can get better, not just for me, but for everyone my imagination can capture. If I can make life comfortable for everyone, or give everyone a million dollars each to solve poverty problems, I will do it, but unfortunately, I can’t, because I am not in that position. What I am in position of, I will give, and that’s why I offer always, the little wisdom that heaven has gifted me. So, please take serious the points I’m about to make in this few-words article.

What will it take to make progress in 2019?

Read Your History

This history isn’t about biography – it’s a review of 2018. You can’t make a headway without looking at your yesterday. Look into the plans you had for 2018 – where you succeeded and where you failed – look at the completed and uncompleted stuffs you put in your to-do list. See if some plans are dated. Also see if some are still relevant. Knock off the accomplished and dated ones, and carry forward the relevant ones.

Make a New List

You need to write what you want to achieve on paper, or some sort of digital device, like your phone. I have a to-do list on my phone. I know what I will consider a success in December 2019.

As you write your plans for the New Year, put down something that makes sense. You can’t be 70 and say your plan is to have a baby – you are way past menopause, so write something sensible – at least, within your own reach. Leave heaven to play its own role.

Have a Clear Picture

I have never been to Brazil, but if you mention that country, though I haven’t been there, a picture pops up in my mind. We always see pictures in our minds when people have conversations with us. Those mental pictures help us understand and assign meanings to conversations. In the same vein, if you want to achieve your expectation in life, it is having a clear picture of where you want to be that will help you get there. It is called vision. Without vision, you can’t create or become anything. An artist first sees the picture in his mind before painting it. A designer first sees the picture in his mind before drawing it. You must have a vivid imagination of where you want to be in 2019 if you must ever get there. It is clear pictures that help you become whatever you want to become.

Revolve Your Mental Image

In the yore, when movies were played in cinemas using tapes, you usually had these big wheels where the tapes are wound. To play the films, the wheels spin in revolutions or circular motions – it is the spin that makes images appear on the screen.

It isn’t enough to have clear pictures – you have to daily revolve it to make it appear on the screen of your mind. The good thing about playing the films daily is that what you have on your mind is what you end up doing. If you don’t do it, you won’t have peace. Don’t give yourself peace until you achieve what you see in your mind – your mental picture.

Follow Your Objectives

If you have no objectives, you have no discipline, and you won’t achieve anything. Objectives are the pathways to your dream – if you don’t follow them, dreams become child’s play.This is where a lot of people squander their year. They have a plan, they have a dream, but no clear cut objectives. Without clear cut objectives, you have no guiding principles. It is guiding principles that lead the way to dreams fulfillment. A guiding principle is for instance, deciding to give one hour a week to your dream, on a specific day of the week, and sticking to that plan. When you use that one hour to sleep, you have no discipline, and you won’t achieve your expectation.

Don’t be Lazy and Don’t Procrastinate

I can’t overemphasize the fact that laziness and procrastination will kill your dream. If you can’t get up and work on what makes you pant, very soon, you will stop panting, and you will wonder what happened to you. Most dreams fail because those who had them didn’t lift a finger to work on them. There is a time to wake up from your sleep, stop dreaming and start working. I dreamt of writing this article – if I had continued dreaming about it, you won’t be able to read it. I woke up 0200, pondered for one hour, and got out of bed, into the cold sitting room, on the dining table, to write the article. And mind you, 0500, I will be getting ready to go to work, where I will be doing a twelve-hour shift. If I had also said to myself, I will write it tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. A work you keep delaying till tomorrow never gets done. Do it now!

You Need New Skills

As a writer and blogger, there are many things I do for myself – if I have to pay for them, I won’t be able to afford it. I shoot my videos and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro. I am not technically savvy – I just try and work around what I can do on a highly technical software, and people still enjoy the videos, as it’s close to being professional. But in 2019, I am going to pay some hundreds of dollars to get a more in-depth knowledge on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro – I also want to learn how to use In-Design. Most times, I use YouTube to learn a lot of stuffs. Even when I teach my kids, and I have also taught them to do so, I use YouTube for certain mathematical questions I’m not familiar with, or have forgotten. Listen, I don’t always understand some big words used in other people’s articles, but that’s why I have a phone. There’s a dictionary on my phone – if I read or hear something I don’t understand; I quickly check it out. To make that dream become tangible, you may need some new skills. If you can get it free online or through people you know, go ahead, and if you have to pay, please pay. Don’t die ignorant, especially if it’s needful for your expectations to come to daylight.

Do Things Differently

If your previous approaches aren’t yielding the right results, change your tactics, change your strategies. If mass marketing isn’t working, try niche marketing – focus on a specific demography. I have a Facebook friend – her approach may not be a moral example, but I saw sense in what she’s doing even if I don’t agree with her. She sells male fashions – top designer brands – most of her Facebook friends are males. Most times, she posts some vulgar updates on her wall, and trust men, they’ll start commenting, and thus, she’ll push her products. It works for her. Change your approach – try something different, although, it may make you feel uncomfortable – get out of your comfort zone.

Take Bold Steps

Don’t be afraid to try even if you fail – take bold steps.Fear will kill your dream – don’t give it any space in your heart. You lose nothing by trying. You learn more by taking a chance. You’re more experienced if you take a chance and fail, than if you sit down and do nothing. I have failed many times. I have been mocked many times. When I talk about success, some people judge me by the amount of money in my pocket, the type of clothes I wear, or the car I drive. They’re so ignorant, but in spite of that, I never stop taking bold steps. Take bold steps, and you will win!

Don’t Abuse Your Team

The last advice I will give is, don’t abuse your team. When people give their time to help you to where you want to be, don’t take them for granted. When people give you money, no matter how small it may be, to help bring your dream to reality, don’t think they don’t have better places to put their money. When people buy your books, music, come to your paid or unpaid events, give you advice on how to go about your dream, don’t abuse them by thinking you’re too much, that’s why they’re doing it. You must always be grateful and thankful.

Happy New Year!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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