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Why were you born? What is the purpose of life? You must understand that living in your purpose is second to nothing.

The telephone, when it was first designed was only able to make calls; then, the size was big, and the communication technology was analogue. As time went on, man began to think broader. Due to his creative imagination, he was able to include text messages on the phone. So, bit by bit, the analogue phone started developing into digital. At this stage, apart from making calls, man was able to write short notes on the phones and send them to their recipients. In addition, the sizes of phones began to shrink, until it became mobile; this gave birth to the mobile or cell phones. Man was glad to have been able to reduce big-size phones to miniature sizes.
As technology began to improve, man again performed one super magic; he put a camera on the phone. How on earth was man able to put a camera on the phone? Wow, that was awesome, but in spite of this awesomeness, he didn’t stop but later included a video camera. This was another breakthrough in the field of telecommunications technology.
With the advent of internet technology, man again began to think of how to improve telecommunications. So he decided to add the internet on the phone, and he succeeded in doing it. Today, the mobile or cell phone can make a call, send text and multimedia messages, take photos, record videos, send emails, and even used as router for internet connectivity.
In spite of all these, if you have a mobile phone that can send a text, take photos, record videos, send emails, and act as internet router, but cannot make a call, it doesn’t qualify to be called a phone. Why? Because its original design is to make calls. If it cannot make calls, even if it does a whole lot of other things, its purpose is completely defeated.
Just like the mobile phone, there are many people that have done lots of fantastic and glamorous jobs in life; they did very well, but neglected the intent of their original design.
No one will first assess the mobile phone based on its ability to send emails, take photos or record videos; it will be first evaluated based on its ability to make a call. If it can’t make a call, even if it has the fastest internet connectivity, it is absolute rubbish.
Man may look alike, but each person was designed separately and uniquely. Because of this uniqueness, each person has its own finger prints different from other people. As unique as each person is, so are his gifts, talents, and purpose. Until you follow your unique design, you may just be excellent doing another man’s job. You were made for a reason. There is intent behind your creation. The intent was not put there by your parents (that is why they have no right to determine your career or profession); it was naturally endowed by the Maker.
You need to realise that you were born for something. Until you know that something, you will be doing anything. The people who do anything are gamblers. There are many gamblers in various professions. In their hearts, they are unhappy, but they keep doing the job for the sake of survival. Sometimes, a man may even be happy doing a job but still on the wrong path. Happiness alone isn’t the only indicator of job satisfaction. A man can be happy being a cleaner if he earns a million dollars from it. That same man may not be designed to be a cleaner; he may be designed to be a teacher even if he earns far less.
Understanding the relevance of purpose will make you live a satisfied life. Knowing your purpose helps you overcome challenges no matter how tough they may be. Knowing your purpose doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter difficulties, but because of purpose, you can stand taller than any problem that comes your way.
Find your purpose. Live by purpose. Walk by purpose.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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