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A goal is an expectation based on purposeful planning, strategies, tactics, feedback and reviews, and actions taken. In a simple term, it is what you want to achieve within a certain period of time, and what you will do to achieve it or how you will go about achieving it. If you have no goal, don’t expect any result or outcome. Those without goals don’t fail because there isn’t an index of evaluation – it is those that have set goals but didn’t achieve their expectations that are considered to have failed to reach their visions – the reality is that those who set no goals are failures. If you enter a year without a foresight of what you want to receive or attain at the end of that year, there wasn’t actually a point making it into that year – this may be harsh, but it’s a fact. On the other hand, if what you expect is based on another person’s achievement, you are dumb. You can’t build a future, relying on another person. You must get up, think with your head, and run towards what you see in your head. Your race at first will be slow because you will be surrounded by the impediments of a starter, but as you make efforts to exhibit every trace of a determined person, your weak feet will become stronger and more skilful.

The strategies for setting and achieving goals don’t follow a specific regimented pattern – it is based on what works for you. What works for you may differ from what works for another person – if you borrow another person’s methodology hook line and sinker, you may be making a suicidal mistake. You can copy ideas, but you must learn to adapt them to what will work for you. Goals die when there are too many imitations.

Living a goal-oriented life and having the characteristics of a goal-oriented person will take you to the top of your career, talent, and all other endeavors. If you have a commitment with an intent to succeed, you will succeed, but to succeed, the actions I have discussed below are vital.


Many people are tired of convention – convention is the usual, the tradition, the obvious, and the unchanged visibility – nothing new, simply the old tangibility, the same status quo, the unbending routine. Doing what has always been done isn’t news to anyone, but same old story. To make a goal exciting, evolution must displace convention – evolution is the emergence of something new even if it had its origin from the old. What gives life a spark and the reason to keep going is the ability to evolve every twenty-four hours with a new morning – if a day remains the day without going through the night, there wouldn’t be a new day with a new morning. The character to evolve an idea makes it come up with innovation. Without evolution, convention will kill innovation.


Revolution is a continuous spin, oscillation, impregnation or the encirclement of an idea until it births the offspring. For an idea to produce results, someone must probe it, dare it, and crack it, until it becomes so jaded that it opens up its entrails of treasure. Without revolution, some goals don’t exceed their birth stage. Someone must be ready to fire the shots to kill the game. Someone must be ready to die for it, if it must give a desired result.


Resolution is a made-up mind, a committed heart, and a determined soul, with all the inner and outer strengths or energy in cooperation. This is the point where the spirit, soul and body must agree to achieve the set goals and objectives – if all do not come to the table to agree on the will to achieve the expectations, nothing will happen. New year resolutions are rubbish if they aren’t backed up by the inner spiritual and mental strengths. There’s no stopping anyone if evolution, revolution and resolution team up to achieve a set target or goal.


Revelation is the exposition of something that is real but unseen. Cloud technology is real, but was unseen, until someone researched into it. Internet technology is real, but was unknown, until someone hatched the idea, worked on it, and exposed it. Revelation is the father of innovation and creativity. Succeeding in your goals require an element of revelation – you must probe to know what is behind the scene, you must probe to enquire and ask yourself and other humans questions about what appears mysterious. Nature always responds to questions on evolution – sooner or later, you will be inundated with answers from your inner voice.


To score a high goal, you must not always come up with ideas you can easily chew and swallow – like ruminants, some of your ideas must be chewable cuds that you can regurgitate and grind over and over again in order to come up with successful goals. Ideas that keep bouncing back for further scrutiny and attention usually give enduring and productive ends.


Education isn’t merely a formal classroom thing where philosophy and research methodologies are taught – it is more importantly, the mind to enquire in order to aspire. Success in goals comes with knowledge beyond what you were given by your teacher – it comes with what you gave to yourself. Whether you will succeed or fail depends on you; your willingness to learn from everywhere and everyone is what will make you. You can’t learn from standing on top of a tree – if you want to walk on a clean floor, climb down and learn from the cleaner how to make the floor clean. If you want to sit in a well-dressed lawn, get out of your palace and join the gardener to tidy up the lawn. You don’t only learn by observation – you must be involved in the doing.


If you want to become anything, you must use what you’ve learnt. If you want to achieve your goals, your education must come handy. This is the time, according to one of Seal’s songs, to ‘cross the bridge with the lessons you’ve learnt.’ You cannot achieve anything by forgetting to apply the knowledge you acquired. Application of education is one of the seven vital characters that determine goal success. Use it and you will see how much you will achieve when you set goals!







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