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The year is moving so fast, and the days, weeks, and months are in a hurry to jet-speed.  Whatever you plan for the year, you must start now, or you may never start. I believe in NOW – it has always been my philosophy; and with that, I defeat procrastination.

As you run through your plans and envision your expectations, you must recognize that you aren’t the only one that’ll walk through the 2019 road; there are lots of people with diverse aspirations, inspirations and intentions. They too want to make progress. They too want to succeed. They too want to cut their own share of the cake as we celebrate the end of this year come December. Knowing who walks on your road, knowing who runs on same lane with you, and knowing who steps on same track with you is quintessential as you marathon through the rest of the months ahead of you.

It is time to come to the consciousness, if you already haven’t, that people aren’t the same. What really define people aren’t their heights, color, ethnicity, or some other types of demographical partitions – people are defined by their intents, and intents are factored by expectations. Don’t get me wrong – not all expectations are bad – not everyone on earth is selfish, not everyone is greedy, and not everyone seek self aggrandizement. There are genuine people who truly want to play by the rules and succeed by the rules. For them, it is tougher, but when they succeed, they hardly fall back into failure because what made them prevail make them sustained. Despite having many good people, you also have lots of those who prefer always being on the fast lane; they accelerate until they crash. Without much rhetoric, let’s see the seven people you will encounter in 2019.

The Basic

The basic are the normal, ordinary, not-hurting people. They mind their businesses; they hurt no one and don’t expect anyone to hurt them. The basic have their plans for the year, and fix their eyes on their expectations. They don’t want trouble; they don’t expect trouble and don’t trouble anybody. They are so focused on their goals that they hardly notice if anyone is in existence.

The unfortunate thing about the basic is that they live life unguarded, and so get hit by eventualities. Because they only planned for profits and never expected losses, they lose very high, and their dreams crash midway. When it does, they also lose their motivations and have no idea how to carry on from where they failed. Their dreams for the year get abandoned, and they continue with the basic yearly routine until it ends.

The Music

The music lives on assumption and sings all she will achieve for the year without making any plan or working towards it. The music builds castles in the air, and expects the imaginary castle to become real. She is like the vapor that storms out of boiling water in a kettle; when she’s out of the container, she loses her strength. She is the entertainer – the noisemaker, the talkative and the narrator. She is nothing but an empty-sounding gong.

 The music thinks always being excited is real motivation, so she wears the party hat all the time, hangs around people who are something or on their way to becoming something – she takes photographs with them, pins them to herself and tells everyone how close she is to the people of importance. In spite of this, she does not embrace the philosophy of the great people she meets because she doesn’t have the mental strength and the patience to build herself from her very foundation. She ends the year in utopia, and begins the following year with the same until it becomes too late, if she doesn’t come to consciousness.

The Magic

The magic isn’t the same as the music, but they both have close resemblance. The magic has a voodoo-mentality; she believes that through some abracadabra, things will somehow work themselves out. She believes prayers move mountains, even if good plans and hard work are jettisoned. She fasts into the New Year, prays for seventy days, but does nothing – she doesn’t even have a dream or goal; all she has is fantasy.

The Mystic

The mystic is worse than the magic because she knows how to think, but her thoughts are always mischievous. The mystic is the manipulator – she spends all night thinking how to take advantage of those that have worked hard and made something out of life. She has a list of the do-wells and all their contact details; she also has their everyday schedules and knows when they’re less busy and able to pick calls. At their time of vulnerability, she hits them, and if they lose consciousness, she attacks and makes something out of them. On 2019 road, you have the mystic.

The Tragic

Nothing ever goes well for the tragic – they’re full of tragedies. Anytime they ring you, before answering, your heart will almost jump into your mouth because they always come with one or two pathetic and heart-rending mishaps. Their kids are either dying in the hospital or their houses caught fire, or all their belongings got burned; they must say something to attract sympathy so that you’ll run helter-skelter to give them immediately what they want. They don’t care about your financial status – they just want to rip you off. They hardly call to find out about your wellbeing. They are moaners and mourners.

The Comic

The comic has all she needs but acts like she has nothing. She complains and explains, yet, all the evidences around her oppose her narratives. She’s the drama queen who does not like handling responsibilities, so her strategy is to appear like nobody so that somebody will not bother her. In spite of genuine needs and challenges, she does not bend because she is stingy. She isn’t moved by emotion to do charitable works because she believes that everyone, like her, is comical. I know a few comical people, and they really make me laugh.

The Logic

The logic is a great thinker, and has a heart, but because she asks for evidences before taking actions, many people mistake her to be too difficult – yet, she’s the best. Logical people build lasting and sustainable institutions; they don’t have a makeshift mentality. Logical people ask questions; they research to make sure things are in the right direction. The logic sets goals, makes plans towards achieving the goals, works hard to make sure the goals are achieved, and evaluates her strategies as she goes. At the end of the year, she accounts for all her pursuits, looks at the gains and losses, sets new goals, re-strategizes if need be, and carries on the following year.

Who are you – the basic, the music, the magic, the mystic, the tragic, the comic or the logic? I know most people will claim to be the logic, but your result at the end of the year will determine who you are!





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