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What can we do without money? Without it, dreams die. When you have it, you are dignified and honored wherever you go, but if you lack it, you’re treated with disdain and disrepute. What can you buy, and how can you trade or be traded with when you don’t possess what makes the world go crazy, what defines statuses, and what makes some people kill?

When I came up with this title, I wasn’t aware of Channel 4 Lagos to London documentary; so this article isn’t a reaction to the program. I haven’t written this to air my opinion about the documentary; my opinion has already been expressed on the social media.

Between 1991 and 1994, I wrote a lot of unrecorded songs. One of the titles of the songs is, “Truth is richer than money.” When I wrote that song, I was a younger man, but understood vividly what I was saying. I looked at life from all perspectives; I saw the hypocrisy of man and his silence or capitulation when evidences are convincingly conspicuous, I saw his dumb loyalty to the oppressor who forcefully takes away the comfort of humanity because of what he stands to gain, and I said to myself, “What’s the point of having so much in your pocket when your conscience keeps mute when evil rages?” Today, that philosophy, I still hold and will ever hold. It is a value I stand for, and will always stand for – truth is honestly richer than money even if it wouldn’t be accepted as a medium of exchange in any market. It doesn’t have to, to make it the most valuable asset on earth and beyond.

Item 1: over 30 years ago, I lost my identical twin brother, and just last year, I lost my younger sister to cancer of the kidney. When I sit down in my quiet moments to ponder, I know that no amount of money can replace those beautiful hearts in my life.  Life is richer than money.

I have seen the dead a number of times; they never inspire. I have stared into the eyes of the dying and the dead many times, and nothing in them kicks you to self-motivate. Life is a treasured item far richer than money; if you have it, don’t gamble with it.

Some people gamble with life by living on the fast lane, some eat and drink what kills, some young takes to gangsters’ paradise and abruptly cease to exist, but the smart knows the relevance of life and avoids what artificially terminates. That is sense; that is wisdom – life is a greater item far richer than money.

Item 2: everyone knows what makes life worth living, and if you don’t have it, you may be existing but not really living. If you’re sick, see your doctor. If you’re tired, take a rest. If you’re being stressed, avoid the person. If you’re the one stressing, behave yourself. If you need psychological or spiritual help, go get it. Take good care of yourself. These days, the old are living while the young are dying so early. Why fight to gain the whole world and not have the good health or longevity to enjoy it? Live life with common sense. A word is enough even for the fool!

A fool doesn’t consider good health as successful living; he thinks making money alone is success. If he doesn’t believe that health is wealth, he should ask the money bags who are lying helplessly in the hospitals. Only the wise knows that good health is richer than money!

Item 3: one item that, when taken away also takes away good health is peace – peace is the mother of good health. A man can go all grey within 24 hours when he hears a bad news. A healthy woman with no medical history can have a cardiac arrest when her peace is instantly taken away by certain disturbing and unforeseen incidents. The forehead glows with peace. The skin, without the application of body lotion radiates when there is a peaceful mind.

Crave for peace not wars. To grow and develop faster, you need peace – nothing is built through wars. Individuals, communities, nations and the world at large will become better in the atmosphere of peace. Peace builds; war destroys.

Item 4: yesterday, I called someone and she was surprised because I never had her number. We used to be colleagues, but she later resigned. One day, I saw someone in her department and asked after her, but was told that she’d left. I took her number and gave her a ring to keep up and catch up. I am a man who cherishes and admires relationships. I believe that good relationship is richer than money.

All through the years I have embraced my calling, one major thing I have observed is that you must respect those who give their hearts and attention to you even if you pay them wages or salaries. Good people, good staff, good friends, good families aren’t easy to come by. Never take for granted your wife, husband, children, employees, friends….especially when they give all to you. You’re lucky if you have one loyal person; many are junks. Believe me; they are!

Item 5: I had a word with someone sometime ago, and for that, she started avoiding me, but I don’t care. She is from the Caribbean, and very privileged to have a hard working husband. Her children were already grown and I told her to go get a job and be more productive rather than roaming around without making any meaningful contribution. I was blunt with what I said because in my heart, she’s my sister. After about one year of avoiding me, thank God, she yielded to my advice and started working.

Many, who live in advanced world don’t realize that it is an opportunity that others from developing worlds desire. Milking the society and not making any contribution means you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity you have. It is unfortunate to know that only about 30% of English Whites in United Kingdom go into higher education after secondary school, and yet have the effrontery to complain that immigrants are taking up their jobs. Who would the National Health Service hire as doctors; is it those that didn’t go into higher education?

Opportunity is richer than money. Take it!

Item 6: in May 2016, I was given the privilege to write for one of Africa’s biggest magazines. In the past, I was a YAHOO Contributor, and have also written for a number of online magazines and newspapers. All of these are platforms to reach my target audience with my message. I never ever take any platform for granted no matter how small it may be perceived. When I do public speaking, I don’t care if it’s only one person that attended the event; I speak like I am addressing a million people because you never can tell if that single person is the Obama of tomorrow.

A platform is richer than money because it is a place to sell yourself and your brand. I don’t get paid all the time I speak in events but I noticed that I end up being paid because someone in the event would invite me for another and then put something in my pocket. The platform must come before money. Don’t mess with a given platform – prepare and deliver.

Item 7: I was a science teacher, a marketer and a very good mentor and motivational person but wasn’t a long-pages writer. Self discovery transformed me into being a lengthy and thought-provoking writer. Many who knew me in the past are surprised by my abilities to do the current type of writing that I do. They were aware of the others but never saw this one coming; and I will soon shock them again by something else that is on the way.

Self discovery is richer than money. Until you discover yourself, you won’t be able to see, hear and become. What you see now is nothing until you know who you truly are. What you hear now is nothing until you know yourself. What you are now is nothing until you step into that realm. You’ll become a bold authority when you come to terms with who you are!


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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