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Success is achieved by how much focus you have. When the going is fine, you need to be focused, and when it isn’t going well, your need for focus is even more required. Most times, focus can be boring and lonely especially when the good results haven’t started pouring in, but that is the discipline you need to make things happen. That lonely road is the only way to repositioning. The pains to focus when your expectation isn’t what you’re getting takes a lot of inner conviction and determination. Without a made-up mind and the will to keep the wheel going, you won’t only be distracted, you’ll be frustrated.

The difference between an eventual winner and a loser is focus. If you know what you want, where you want it, and how to get it, you must keep your eyes on that target. You must learn to despise what distracts for you to get what attracts. Having said that, you must realize that in a dream, there are many things that come in envelops of attraction but are actually distractions. For this, you need to really know what you want, so that you won’t stray into what will choke your vision up because the worst encounter on focus is having cataract.

A dreamer is in daily agony because of the pains of labor. Everyday, what he thinks is how to put to bed the pregnancy that has long passed its due date. As he focuses on how to make it happen, he equally contends with a hostile environment that calls his dream a fantasy. The saddest word for a man going somewhere to hear is the cacophony of voices deeming his love an illusion.

If you are a dreamer, your number one friend is focus. In friendship, there are rules; some rules are ‘Dos’ while others are ‘Don’ts’. If you follow the dos and ignore the don’ts, you will impede your movement towards your set target. So, you must abide by the commandments of ‘Thou shall’ and ‘Thou shall not’. In focus, what are the don’ts?

Don’t go everywhere: In many articles I have written in the past, I have always emphasized the need not to go everywhere. Everyday, I even get more convinced that I was right and will continue to be. Some people, in the name of looking for fame, wanting to be recognized, or selling themselves, go everywhere. I do understand why, sometimes, but I don’t think that is the answer. If you are everywhere, you’ll lose your focus because you’ll see everything and end up seeing nothing.

Go to where is relevant to your dream. Go to where is relevant to your goals when it is vision inclined. You can network with anyone, but when it comes to your dream, if it is not relevant, it is not needed.

Don’t do everything: No one is an expert in everything; don’t even try to be because it is impossible. Do what you can, and leave the rest for those who can when you can’t. Your focus will be broken when you spend useful time trying to do what you don’t have an advantage for.

Don’t be everything: This is another angle to trying to do everything. I heard of a doctor who had a case in the court (and this is true). He felt that the legal cost was too much, and so decided to go study law so that he can represent himself. To me, that is unnecessary distraction. His wanting to be everything prevented him from specializing in his medical profession.The truth is that he couldn’t pass the exams.

You can’t be everything. It is extremely impossible!

Don’t see everything: Greedy people see everything, and so want to grab it all. This also applies to people with dreams. In their imaginations, they see the whole world, and can’t focus on their own world. Life begins with your own world. When you finish with your world, then you can help other people achieve their own world. But if you want to make it in your world and in other people’s worlds, you won’t even know what obtains in your domain.

Don’t be too wise: As you focus, learn to see with other people’s eyes. There are people closer to the target you’re aiming. It is a fact that people who are closer see clearer. And if you’re still far away, and do have access to those who see better, use their brains to achieve what you want. When I say this, I am not suggesting that you should be conning because that’s what some people do. What I mean is that you should be humble. Learn from those who know better than you. Ask questions if you have to, observe from a distance if need be, read books that are necessary in providing you with clues; they are all very helpful. If you know too much, you will lose out.

Don’t lose your other senses:Being focused doesn’t make you a moron. Man has five senses; vision is only one of them. With vision, you get focused, but to grasp what goes on in your environment, you also need the sense of touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Some people are dumb because of focus; they only see but hear nothing, feel nothing, taste nothing, and smell nothing, until they are beclouded by sudden danger.

Don’t sleep off even for a minute: To make that dream happen, 99% focus is not acceptable. What you need is 100%. If you sleep off for just 1%, that may be the time the bus you’ve been waiting for all your life will drive through. Be warned!




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