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There is one philosophy in the industry of motivational speakers that I dislike; and that is the belief or making people believe that life isn’t a competition. On this premise, many people wallow in the deep sea of indolence, and therefore, take life so easy in such a way that hampers their dreams and expectations. If life isn’t a competition, why doesn’t everyone get gold for participating in athletic events? If life isn’t a competition, why doesn’t every contestant become the President or Prime Minister in national elections? Listen; there is a place to compete, even if it’s not against a physical opponent; that opponent may be, your strive to get away from your strife. The need to be better than yesterday poses, sometimes, a measurable competition.

Encouraging people to finish a project is awesome. Motivating people to complete what they’ve started is great. Some people for instance, started some courses in schools, but midway, are reluctant to finish. It will be nice to charge those people up, so that they can have enough energy to complete what they began. But do you know that finishing isn’t enough? Some people are poor finishers; poor finishing produces poor results. Some buildings were finished but collapsed after a short period. Some great ideas were finished but couldn’t compete in the marketplace because their completions were dismal. A good idea with a bad finishing irritates the potential consumers or clients. Some poorly finished good ideas can even cause disasters. Imagine the idea of constructing a beautiful bridge across a big river in order to help cut down the amount of heavy traffic in a city. If that bridge isn’t given a thorough professional engineering attention, any vehicle or people that go through it, will be treading on the territory of suicide. For this reason, finishing isn’t enough; being a good finisher creates comfort for everyone.

What are the 7 characters of good finishers? The 7 characters of good finishers are:

They are consistent: consistency is persistence, un-change-ability, and dependability.  Consistency is constantly adhering to the same principles, course or form; it is holding firmly together in spite of the negative pressures weighing you down.

Good finishers are consistent with their visions to make their dreams end up fantastically. The drive to push for excellence as you round up the project is the picture of someone ready to present to the world, a product that is outstanding. Apple is a good product; it took good finishers to make it happen. Be a good finisher!

They are resilient: resilience is the power or ability to return to the original form or position after being bent, compressed or stretched; it is the ability to recover from adversity.

Why are good finishers resilient? Everybody is subject to discouragement especially when the person is a visionary. Every vision you chase comes with its peculiar challenges. Sometimes, the challenges dampen your morale to carry on with your pursuit; this dampening gets you so soiled that you feel like giving up – except by the spirit of resilience, you will stop your dream where most people do; the roadside. Good finishers are resilient; emulate that habit.

They are proactive: being proactive is anticipating. A proactive person realises beforehand; he foretastes or foresees. Taking action before an incident or event occurs is the character of a good finisher. Good finishers look ahead, and then take precautions; good finishers are able to circumvent dangers.

They are researchers: some people get locked up in their own world; in self deception, or may be, in ignorance. An idea may appear fantastic or the best until you do a research to verify how good it is. An approach to carrying out a project may look the best until research is conducted to see the best methodologies available. Good finishers research on procedures of handling the tasks on ground. Your manuscript appears the best until you read another person’s. Your fruit juice appears the best until you drink another person’s. Your school appears the best until the league table is released. Do your research to make your offerings better. Good finishers do researches.

They do updates: researches without updates are pure waste of time. Why did you conduct a research if you knew you wouldn’t use the result to better your offering? The essence of research is to determine where you are, and how you can go beyond your current position. Don’t be lazy to update your product; don’t be lazy to update your services. To step into or maintain your pole position, you must update your offering.

They follow events: it doesn’t need to be relevant to your industry for you to flow in the direction of certain currents; take advantage of events to promote your project, product or services. Anywhere you have people; you have the market; a market is not necessarily a location; it is anywhere people gather. People gather on Facebook; Facebook is a market. People gather on all the social media networks; these are all marketplaces. If up till now, you’re still in doubt about the relevance of the social media, you’re not following events. If you’re not following events, you’re ignorant. Good finishers follow events.

They are unique: uniqueness gives you brand identity. What makes a good finisher different is uniqueness. Kellogg’s for instance has different brands, but each of those brands is uniquely different. Unilever has different brands; each of the brands has its uniqueness. What makes you different; what makes you unique? If I have to strive to run like Usain Bolt, I am not unique. What I must strive to have is the same speed or more, using my own genetics; my genetics is my uniqueness.

If you have to copy, copy right; copying right is uniqueness, but cloning or imitation is robbery.





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