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When it comes to assets, what most people consider valuable are the tangible ones, especially when it is pecuniary in nature. The intangible assets that don’t produce instant physical results are disrespected, disregarded or considered not to be called assets by the generality of people. Why I don’t blame such ignorant reasoning is because I was once like that. As a hardcore science person, I once wondered why universities offered some so called humanity courses; I simply felt it was a waste of useful resources. In my rigid thinking, I assumed what isn’t seen shouldn’t be given much attention, until I began to notice how the unseen affects the seen. The causes of certain mental health challenges are unseen but the roles psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and many more play to bring sanity to those who need it is immense. If they weren’t there, our world would be chaotic.

Climbing a ladder requires some energy, caution and right safety measures put in place. Maintaining your climb and staying on top also require great characters. Not everyone likes heights because of the fear of fall and some imaginary fictions beclouding the head, but realistically, everyone, including the devils want to succeed. I love talking about dreaming and achieving success in your dreams, and I know that dreams do come true, but the truth is that actualization of imagination is a combination of principles and hard work.

What are the 5 core assets that help a person’s efforts produce positive outcomes?

Opportunities: many times I have heard inspirational speakers encourage people to create opportunities. They are absolutely right! Creating your own opportunity is the best way to position yourself. You don’t need too much information to get going. If you do something with the little you know, bigger doors will open. If you sit down to get bigger before you get going, when you think you’re big enough, you’ll be too obese to move. So, don’t wait to get the best website before you get that dream going. Don’t wait for the best camera before you start shooting that video; if you have to start with your phone, start – let people laugh at you if they want to, it is just your beginning, not your end.

After positioning yourself by creating your own opportunities, you need bigger opportunities, and those bigger opportunities come from those ahead of you. When I say, those ahead of you, it doesn’t really mean that they are ahead literally, but they may be the decision makers. Decision makers may not be leaders, but without them, you can’t access that office. The security man may be the decision maker; if he doesn’t let you into that office, you can’t see the manager to showcase your talent or pitch your business. If you disrespect him, kiss your pitch goodbye. The cleaner in the CEO’s office has more access to him than the General Manager – just a word on your behalf can make a huge difference.

You need opportunities to get into bigger platforms, and when you identify that platform, if it needs stupidity to get what you want, please be the most stupid person on earth. It took me time to learn this lesson. By nature, I am someone who likes everything to be perfect, and expect everyone to be. If someone isn’t being, I get irritated and can walk out of any agreement, but it hasn’t helped me. I began to realise that people will always be people, and must be taken to be people. On my way from Lagos-Nigeria to London, at the airport, I was dehydrating and wanted a cold drink. I went into the first shop; the customer assistant was wearing a long unfriendly face, and I said to myself, “I want to spend my money and your face isn’t welcoming, I’m going elsewhere.” I left the shop and entered another one; it was the same attitude. As I went into the third shop and observed that that same grimacing was like cultural for those selling within that unit of the airport, I said to myself, “Ken, you better buy what you want to buy before you die of thirst.” I had to put customer service perfection aside to get what I wanted. Same goes for opportunities; you may have to be used and ruffled to be given a chance; please let them use you. What I am against is abuse – some people use you until you become useless and still don’t give you a chance. Don’t conform to those who render you obsolete!

People: the scarcest asset difficult to find as you climb the success ladder is people. There are about seven billion people on earth, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting people involved in your dream. If that is your thought, you have just made a deadly mistake. To get people to see what you’re seeing is rare, and even if a few see it, a large percentage of that few may be dissuaded by other factors. Two major factors that disconnect your dream from those who see the end clearly are character and pilferage. Some people envy your destination and keep a distance in order not to see you get there. For some others, it may not be envy, but they don’t have fuel for life; the energy and drive to help accomplish a vision. The worst are those who pilferage – they steal your idea and commence on its productivity immediately especially when you don’t have the capital to start. When you finally start, you look like a copycat in your own idea.

If you have visionaries with the mind to truly help you, hold them firmly because they’re great assets.

Safety measures: as you climb, the temptation to be stupid in personal lives and decision making gets stronger. You need some safety measures to take you through to the top; the safety measures are your value systems. If you have no value system, you’ll crash. If for instance, you don’t drink alcohol due to your religious beliefs, and you’re invited to a viable network where there’s a lot of booze, you must look for a safety measure to avoid drinking. Don’t be so careless to use religion as excuse. Drinking isn’t good for your health? Use that as excuse and you’ll be left off the hook. No one will force you to do something that’s counterproductive to your health.

Another safety measure is securing your ideas. Don’t share everything on the social media. On many topics I write on, I have deeper information in my books. If I share everything in blogs and articles, there isn’t any need investing time, money and other resources in book writing and publishing. Even if it takes ten years for the books to sell, I don’t care; I just won’t share everything for free. That’s part of my safety measures.

I know you want to be known, but you mustn’t appear everywhere, even if they pay hugely. If it doesn’t agree with certain values, you will earn a lot today, and block future earnings forever. Avoid controversial meetings. Avoid controversial networks. Avoid controversial engagements.

Mentors: as you go up and look up, you’ll see some people who are already up. You must learn from those who are ahead either directly or indirectly. Many who are on top are self-centered; they never want to share, so you must be ready to learn without asking questions – observation. To those who are willing to share, open your inner ears widely, listen attentively and retain as much as you can. Don’t wait to be spoon fed; take the spoon and eat all you can, and if there isn’t a spoon, use your bare hand.

As you learn from those above, you must also help those beneath. But in helping, support those who are willing to climb; many are time wasters – they feel you should buy the ingredients, make the food, and feed them while they belch on your face. The day you stop feeding them, you become a bad person. Never feed anyone; give them the recipe; let them go source for the ingredients themselves. When they make genuine efforts but still struggle, you can offer further helps, but if they’re lazy, it means they’re not ready. Leave them and move on.

Innovation: know now that every idea you come up with will be copied by someone else. When iPhone came out, it was wow, but today, it isn’t selling as much as before because Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HTC, and others are now using the same design method, and even coming up with bigger sizes. The bigger sizes are now affecting the sale of iPad as people prefer holding big-size phones on the roads to carrying iPads that are too large for the palms.

Where does this put you? You must always have a cutting edge mentality, which is a research and development mindset. Look for ways to make your idea better even if it is already on the shelf. If you keep making it better, copycats will continue to be behind you. Your idea will go through a product cycle; it won’t die if you are innovative!





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