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One fact that many strategists and consultants hardly tell their clients is that there is a page in the chapter of every business or pursuits where the excellent formulas don’t work no matter their records of success. At that stage, many who believe only, in the culture of success, with the inability to wrestle failures, wobble. There is a time that, in spite of your astuteness, all your tactical proficiencies will amount to nothing. In your pandemonium, life will become a conundrum. Until you understand that success is a journey through the stormy sea, you won’t be able to cope when challenged by the unexpected. Those who don’t understand only see the designer suits won by those who fought their ways through unbelievable odds; they only hear the great speeches delivered by those that, behind the scenes, have fought the dragons and won. Those who won only made it to the stage after fighting the battles not seen by the public. Indeed, there is a phase between failure and success; that phase is called the storm. If it wasn’t for that phase, there wouldn’t be a difference between failure and success; there wouldn’t be a space between mediocrity and purposeful hard work. The storm is that phase. It makes you unique if you can fight on even when you have no back up. So don’t stop sailing. Defy the rage; keep the sail. You’ll soon get there!

There are four stages you will sail through before reaching your place of success, and these are:

The Revival stage: In your vision and dream, there is a stage where everything becomes dead. This is a state that appears to be hopeless. This hopelessness comes either as a result of losing everything you have, or having nothing to lose (in a negative sense). You have a dream; you know how to go about it, but have nothing to eat, let alone the resources to execute it. At this stage, there is only a thin narrow wood that bridges the distance between you, life and death. All you’re fighting for is breath. You are a man with a dream, but just struggling to keep your breath going. You’ve become a laughing stock even to those who once admired you from a distance. You have a broken heart but not a broken focus. That attitude is your revival! What will revive you is your continuous focus on your dream. Pay less attention to where you are; though it hurts like cancerous cells. Look beyond your loss, and you’ll revive. Dreams save you; believe it, and you’ll live.

The Survival stage: This is where billions of people are; they are just surviving, and hardly living. They only have enough breath to earn what isn’t enough for their yearn. But this again, is where many settle, though with great dreams. Because they make excuses for ‘never enough’, their bright futures decay inside unfulfilled dreams. Rather than take a pinch of what they earn to fund their dreams bit by bit, they give up and pack up. Those who make it through the survival stage are those who are ready to make sacrifices for their convictions. They believe in what they see in their inner beings, and are willing to pay the price until they win. They are the heroes of true dreams; they are the fathers of real legacy. They are those worth emulating. From survival stage, they make it to the next position; the striving stage.

The Striving stage: At the striving stage, comfort wrestles against consistency. Where you strive, you have the energy to. It means you’re no longer in short supply of certain resources you require to make things work in your favour, but the only challenge is the discipline to maintain your drive and its speed. At the stage of strive, some people become weaker because they have less self motivation due to the fact that things they dread have been eliminated. Anyone who is able to keep fighting when the opponent has been knocked out is crazy. Without that element of craze, your dream will become illusion. If you can’t train when there isn’t a bout, you can’t win when there’s one. The preparation you make when there’s no stage is what will help you stand out when you have one. The athletes that are champions competed against the odds when there weren’t spectators. Those who wait for spectators and their applauses before wanting to impress have never won a laurel except in their vague imaginations. You must strike the odds when it is higher. Activate your motivation!

The Thriving stage: When you consistently strive, you’ll thrive. If you want to leave a legacy, don’t rest when you thrive. Some people are at ease when they start winning. Those with that mentality only live for themselves; when they die, their visions also die. Coca Cola is alive because John Pemberton didn’t live for himself alone. He invented Coca Cola, and left an undying legacy. Despite the scientific gang up against fizzy drinks, Coca Cola can never die.  Steve Jobs is gone but left a legacy called Apple. Mark Zuckerberg may be young, but his thrive brought about the biggest social media website on earth called Facebook. And no one can deny it.

You will live if you, instead of choosing to die, revive. If you refuse to stop at revival, you will survive. Don’t stop at survival; endeavour to strive because if you continue striving, you will thrive. To ultimately succeed in your dreams and visions, and leave a legacy, maintain your strive. You’ll be deemed a true success if you keep inspiring greatness when you’re no longer here.






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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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