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Passion is when you are strong about something you love to do. For examples like your talent because you have the desire to do it.

Some people have different types of passions like; being on TV, writing books or even being an inspirational speaker. Now let’s move on to people who have these passions. Number 1, Walt Disney – when Disney was growing up, he was obviously working to earn more cash but also on his spare time, he was drawing pictures. But the first picture he ever sold was a picture of his neighbour’s horse. He didn’t stop there, he kept on working very hard night and day to be an amazing artist and have a very famous film company. Number 2, Thomas Jefferson is so celebrated as a statesman, writer, architect and librarian – it’s easy to miss the fact that he was a celebrated violinist. Jefferson took lessons for most of his life, starting as a young boy, and although accounts of his skill level differ, Jefferson was able to use his musical abilities to woo his wife.

Now let’s move on to my passions and why I love them. My passions are sports, food, films, TV shows and my education. I love them because some of them are fun and interesting – one of them helps me to survive and the last one will help me become a better person in the future.

Now let me talk about ‘ How to be more passionate’

  1. try something new
  2. Work out what you really hate doing
  3. be brave
  4. be more positive
  5. be motivated on what you like to do.

At the end of today, passion shows all of us that it can help us. In your everyday life, if you are motivated and if you’re not lazy. If you continue to do these things, you will enjoy your life in the future.

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