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Talent: a treasure in earthen vessel

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Everyone is gifted; everyone has a talent: everyone has a treasure that can’t be measured. The problem with everyone is the problem of discovering what they have. Discovery makes recovery. If you cannot see what you have, you cannot recover what is yours. Your strength is in your gifts; your strength is in your divine endowment. Discovery is painstaking, but those who are determined kill the pains to get their predestined gains. Seeing what is in you gives you a clearer picture of what you should be, and what you shouldn’t be. Lots of people have lived and died without knowing what they should have been. Lots of people have wallowed in distresses, depressions, lack of fulfilments, and penuries because they never knew what they should be, and some still don’t know. Every man was made to fulfil an assignment on earth; every man was created to meet a specific need on earth. Except you know your purpose on earth, you cannot make a purposeful impact on earth. There are more than ninety percent of people on earth roaming the streets like wild donkeys not knowing their true destinations. Where a true destination is not known, true hunger, drive and vision cannot be caught. Sometime ago, I read the story of a Polish bin man in London; the title was, ‘Bin man “Ziggy Dust” spins and twirls his way into internet stardom’.  Zbigniew Colbecki was a great dancer who moves like Michael Jackson. He became an internet hit in 2008 due to doing what he knows how to do best. He was a great dancer but a bin man. When I read about him, I was angry. The question I asked myself was, ‘Why should he be so talented but so ignorant?’ He had a great treasure that other people could see except him. There are billions of people across the world like‘Ziggy Dust’, who have treasures without measures but don’t treasure.

Before complaining about life’s unfair treatments, have you looked into your earthen vessel? In you is a gold mine waiting to be tapped; in you is a treasure waiting for exploration. Instead of the rage, why not dig the rig so that the oily treasure can gush out of you! If you can dig in, you can drag out the hidden diamond within you. Everyone can dig if they’re willing to; everyone can dig if they’re determined to. Goals of life must be set in line with true callings. Life becomes easier and more fulfilling if we discover what we were created to do, and walk in it.

Walking in discoveries is another challenge faced by lots of people. For instance, there are nations who have discovered some natural resources years ago but for decades, those treasures have remained untapped. In the same vein, there are people who have also died with their talents without one day making use of them; some of these people knew what they had but never used them. A person can die in poverty with treasures surrounding him; a person can be so gifted but so broke if he or she does not immediately begin to use and manifest that gift. There was another story I read from one of the Newspapers in 2008 about a 77 year old spinster who died an ordinary person while in her apartment was works of arts worth millions of pounds. She died eating frozen foods and going on public buses with assets worth millions of pounds in her little flat.

Everyone has a treasure in this earthen vessel worth more than money, if they can see it and run with it, they will lead better lives. Not too long ago, there was a homeless man with a radio voice that made an internet hit. If a destitute with drug addiction can be so talented, think of it, ‘What about you?’

Your money is hidden within you; your treasure is in you. Your fame is hidden within you; your status of excellence is enclosed in your earthen vessel. Most people run out early in the morning like wild donkeys to do the jobs they never like, meanwhile, there are satisfactory jobs within them. The difference between inner satisfaction and dissatisfaction in a job is that the first is borne out of a calling while the latter is borne out of compulsion.

You have a treasure; you are a treasure. You have a diamond; you are a diamond. I see your gift sparkling from within you; it is glowing stronger and stronger. I see your talent writing the story of your victory; you were born to conquer. Look inward; open your inner eyes and you will see that treasure in your earthen vessel!



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