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One crisis that must be dealt with to set free the African black from the shackles of self-enslavement is SUPERSTITION. Superstition has been defined in various ways by dictionaries; “a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like;” “a custom or act based on such beliefs;” “irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious, especially  in connection with religion;” and the most pathetic for me, “many blindly accepted belief or notion.” Whatever definition it is, superstition stops us from questioning, enquiring and investigating to know the reason for a thing. The sad reality is that anyone who crosses the red lines of superstition or questions its veracity is stigmatized or inundated with words of fears of the menacing consequences that loom.

We’re told a certain location is an evil forest and that no one goes there. We do not question it, we all, with fear, spread the propaganda, and discourage those who want to dare. This may have been a lie sold by someone for selfish reasons, but we buy it, and have bought it for generations. And due to allowing the land to enrich itself over the years, it may be so good for agriculture and may have some mineral deposits, but our superstitions rob us of our potential wealth.

We are told female genital mutilation keeps a woman on the pathway of morality but we’ve seen a great number of people whose clitoris had been excised live waywardly.

Our superstition rob us of our potential wealth

We were told the black skin is genetically linked to lack of intelligence. O, what a lie! What a ginormous, whacking or jumbo lie! History has shown us how they deliberately lied using all forms of deceptive psychology, baseless scientific models, and biased algorithms. They did this and still do, with attempts to infuse interminable or unabating superstitions in our heads, and if we run with that altered postulation, the outcome aligns with their inglorious expectations of us.

History has shown us how they deliberately lied using all forms of deceptive psychology…

In religion also, superstition makes us play dumb; we question nothing, but go like people drugged with the most potent imbecilic powders, and then blame God when the damage is done.

Besides bad governance, ethnicity and bigotry, we self-destruct because of our beliefs; beliefs that aren’t the outcomes of proofs, but fears passed down to us either from generations past, or by people who use their expertise to manipulate us.

It’s time to know why things are how they are. It’s time to know why those with the right answers get upset when we question the “mysterious.” We lose when we don’t know, because God Himself wants us to know, but the selfish, the main gainers of our ignorance wouldn’t want us to have the knowledge that’ll set us free from our manacles. In knowing, we are truly free. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!

The main gainers of our ignorance wouldn’t want us to have the knowledge that will set us free from our manacles


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