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Money on its own isn’t success; what makes it success is its ability to give you access into many things you need. You can be wealthy without money if you have all you need without liquidity. An asset worth two million dollars is stronger than a million dollar liquidity.  You see, all that is required to make your dream come through is to see your need met. A need is what is required to give your vision the power to engineer itself into tangibility. Money therefore, guards your vision on three fronts; when there is the need for precaution, when there is speculation,  and also, when transaction is imminent.

Network is access, and therefore, a huge success if you find the ultimate door that directs you to where people can propel your dream to the front page. Some people don’t make headlines, but they put people on the headlines. If you ignore the kingmakers, you shut yourself out of propagation. Grafting with the right fraternity even if it has to be through artificial insemination will help push that dream in the womb to birth stage, or maybe, beyond. Most knowledge on “How to” come from great associations; though, they may look superficial from the facade.

Humbleness is success because it gives you access. Sometimes, you’ve got to stoop to go through. The lizard stoops; and therefore, climbs the highest walls. Small things sit on big thrones because they first make themselves small. Life begins with a cell but ends up in multiples of organs. When you reach your goal, not too many people are bothered about where you started. So start small; start humble. Success is humble. Humble is access. Success is access.

Your dream is big, but you must begin from where you are. If you can’t convince me that you are something where there is nothing , you can’t convince me either when the world is at your beck and call. Those who moved failure to success, and success to more success didn’t have everything available. They grew from impossible to possible and proved the doubters wrong. Their resilience made them a success, and today, they have access to places that they were initially rebuffed. You see, it’s possible to create your own access in a recess when you undoubtedly follow your dream.

Move one foot out of where you stand and the other will have the audacity to follow. All you need is a little action; not too much talk. Your action must match your expectation. It’s time to wake up from your dream and realize that castles have never and will never be built in the air. Work is the only factor that make dreams. Dream when you have to; work when you have to. Idea is only a dream; only work makes it metamorphose into substance.

To be a juggernaut, you have to build yourself, train yourself, believe yourself and drive yourself. You can’t have access when you have no undying desire to make it a success, and you can’t have success without the attitude that gives you access. Success is access. Access is success!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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