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I can’t recall once in my life, ever running out of positive beliefs – I can’t remember ever running out of dreams. If there was something I had in multiples, it was the ability to keep seeing life change for the better. Many times, even as a child, I would dream of living in the best houses, driving the best cars, having the best family, and being the chief executive officer of the biggest corporations on earth. So, when I meet people that are deficient in dreaming big, I wonder why having a dream is a big deal.

But the sad thing is from childhood to old age, many people dream until dream becomes nightmare. The stage of nightmare is the stage of sudden realisation that dream can be doom when nothing is done to make it real. When some man realises at an irreversible age that to succeed, dreaming isn’t enough, he gets frustrated. When frustration sets in, it comes with so many negativities. Some negativity could lead to depression, and in worst case scenarios, suicide. When some youth see the outcome of some dad that dreamt all his life without achieving much, if he is weak minded, he looks for other alternatives in spite of its opposition to laid down laws, principles and rules. In a bid not to make the same mistake of ending up life empty handed, he ends his life up abruptly, maybe, in jail or grave. When I pass through betting shops, who are the majority of people I see? When I visit corner shops, which age group form the largest number of customers that buy lottery tickets? It is the older citizens; the ones that have seen it all, known it all, and experienced it all. Why is the older generation so passionate about winning lotteries? It is all about dreams – the dream that one day, things will change for the best; the dream that the lost days will be recovered. But in spite of those dreams, how many people actually win the lotteries? The people that designed the game aren’t fools; they designed it based on the laws of probability, and in probability, there is the law of exclusivity. In the law of exclusivity, only one person wins; the rest are simply profit-making machines.

In the conventional definition, I am not a lottery player or gambler, but as I look back to history, I can see that many times, I have gambled with life with the hope of winning something I didn’t work for. My gamble was not in form of taking some unnecessary high-risk investments, but always hoping that one day, things will get better, while I sat down and did nothing to make it better. When I talk about sitting down to do nothing, it wasn’t like I didn’t go to school or didn’t do a nine to five job; my bane was despite going to school and doing some jobs, I really didn’t understand the importance of living a purpose driven life. If I had, life would have been more meaningful.

Many people live meaningless lives, not because they haven’t worked, but because they didn’t understand what they should work on, why they should work, and how they should work. A man that does not understand what, why and how, will make ignorant errors – many people have come and gone without understanding the what, why and how of life, and because they didn’t understand, life also gave to them what ignorant people get; anything. If a man is entitled to get a million dollars, ignorance can make him feel satisfied and excited getting one dollar – many have a dollar in their pockets, when they should have had more.

Realisation is what makes life meaningful. Until you know who you are, where you are, and where you should be, you will accept anything. Knowing creates a consciousness for becoming – consciousness is awakening, awareness and alertness. The man that is asleep is a victim of circumstances. The man that is unaware is blind to emerging change. The man that isn’t alert is overtaken by events. Anything you do outside meaning and purpose is a stray from reason of existence. Without knowing your reason, you become unreasonable and dissatisfied.

I was dissatisfied with life because everything I wanted was in the level of dreams. For years, I was happy dreaming, with the hope that every dream comes true, but that was a lie. I lied to myself, or maybe myself lied to me. I think I am wrong; what lied to me was ignorance.

Many are wishing to succeed but aren’t willing. There is a massive difference between wishing and willing. A wish is assumption; a will is aggression. What is in your will is in your strength and might; therefore, with strength and might, actions are taken in order to make things happen. Nothing happens without your cooperation.

Many years before I understood how to make things happen, I lived in self-deception, hoping that one day, someone somewhere will hand me their hard-earned wealth for just being a good boy. Being a good boy is good, but it isn’t enough to make your dream a reality. I was a good boy, but being good needed some additional principles to help me live that life I had always imagined. Just like me, there are so many people that are good in certain aspects of characters and skills, but because they’re deficient in some areas that can metamorphose their dreams into reality, they suffer. The bitter truth is that some have died suffering because they were ignorant. Ignorance pities no one. It doesn’t take into account your record of being a good neighbour to someone. It maims and kills, until its victims get up and search for ground breaking solutions.

A man can wish climbing Mount Everest; he can dream of it for eighty years, but until he climbs, he hasn’t achieved his dream. Many people are stuck in limbo because they won’t stop dreaming, and start working. The one who dreams sees the road; the one who works walks the road. Walking the road is what separates men from boys. Walking the road gives you a first-hand experience and real-life encounter. Without experience and encounter, every story you tell is simply theoretical. No one will buy a theoretical product because it is only in the imaginary world. I can’t buy a dream; you can’t buy a dream. If the computer was a dream, it will not sell on the shop floor. If cars were dreams, they won’t be driven on any road. If ships were dreams, they won’t sail on the sea. There is a time to stop dreaming and start acting. The dream you don’t act on won’t make you. Moffat Machingura, the author of How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye, says, ‘No one will come in to rescue you. You just have to step out somehow, and make your dreams come true.’ The question is, ‘Can dreams come true?’ Of course, yes! ‘All our dreams,’ according to Walt Disney, can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’ To move from dream to reality, step out somehow, and make it happen. Until it happens, no one will celebrate you!







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