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How to conquer your frustrations

You have been knocked down – it’s obvious that you’ve been – everything around you suggests it. Inside, you feel so deflated, so defeated. You’ve lost all energy to fight, because in the past, you’ve put in all you can, hoping that all you have is enough to take you from the pit to the feast, but from all indications, you’re finished.  In your mind, that’s how you feel. You don’t just feel that way – all who observe you, although make efforts to tell you to go on, but the looks on their faces suggest you’ve lost the fight. On paper, you’ve lost the fight. By statistics, you’ve lost the fight. By expert opinion, you’ve lost the fight. But let me tell you something, the only person that can say it’s over IS YOU. It’s only ended when you say it’s ended. The game is only up when you stop playing. You are the umpire of your life – no one, except you have the power to decide when the final whistle is blown. You must not back out, back down or bow to adversity. Pull yourself out of the dust, and be willing to live again. Live for yourself even if the agile think you have no ability to live for them. Live, because you were chosen by Deity to live. When all the decadences of life confront you, prove to them that you can live. When the storms of life come tormenting, show them you have the power to live. When those with no sins cast their first stones, confirm that despite your mistakes, you aren’t willing to dwell where guilt kills. You may be inundated by the overwhelming pressures on you, but like a woman in the labour room, push yourself out of deflation – stop feeling defeated – stop concluding that you’ve been ruined – stop empowering the negatives. Heaven has given you the air to win – inhale it, and go for the win. Take a chance on yourself – don’t let you beat youdon’t let you defeat you.

In the third round of a light heavyweight fight between Tony Wilson and Steve McCarthy in 1989, Wilson’s 62 year old mother, Minna Wilson couldn’t bear to witness her son taking a beating  any longer, so she climbed into the ring and started beating McCarthy on the head with her shoes. Bleeding from the head, McCarthy left the ring and refused to return. As a result the referee declared that he had retired and named Wilson the winner. By giving up, not because he was beaten, but because he beat himself by walking out of the ring, he lost the fight he already won. Don’t hand your victory over to frustration – stay in the ring. Never let the factors in and out of the ring dissuade you from focusing on your reason of being there. Stay focused! Stay focused!! Stay focused!!! You’re better off standing on your feet in spite of the harsh weather. STAND FOR YOUR LIFE!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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