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There are many genuine reasons to wake up every morning unhappy. Failed dreams, disappointments, and unfulfilled expectations are enough excuses to get up each day, feeling like not wanting to live. Sometimes, seeing the morning light is like seeing the pit of the grave. In the past, when I woke up, it was like, ‘Oh God, why didn’t the night continue, so that I can sleep off and forget that the world ever existed?’ Many people are constantly in trauma, maybe, emotional ones, because of how life has treated them, and as a result, they hate mornings. Mornings that should bring joy, instead, bring pains in their hearts because it reminds them of the old experiences of penury. As each face differs, each pain differs. As each heart differs, each hurt differs. Many a time, the pains and hurts are concealed in the mascara of fake smiles, yet, within, is a storm ferociously raging in an endless world of regrets.

For those that belong to the group above, one may make logical excuses why they are in that position, but there is another group that grimace even when they have grace. To this group, it is a habit to stare at every morning, unhappy. When you ask them why, they can’t pinpoint any reason for waking up each day feeling irritated. To these faces, I hate to see in the morning. You say goodnight to some people, and for no genuine reason, it becomes a bad morning when they wake up because, it is habitual for them to frown over nothing when they’re awake.

It is so easy to blame anyone that feels irritated in the morning whether for a cause or not. Until man realises how to handle his morning, he may be laying a wrong foundation for the whole day. How you begin your day, somehow impact how your day goes; it is not easy peaking when you started it bad. So, learning how to start your day great is essential for anyone that wants to have a great day. In spite of the pains I have been through, what has always kept me floating on the storm is my ability to separate my emotions from my day. It hasn’t been easy doing it, but I still do it. You won’t meet me in the morning frowning despite my feelings; I love being positive even when I am immersed in the chains of agony.

How do I maintain my peace and radiance every morning?

I believe that every man is in control of the destiny of his joy: my conviction is that joy or sadness is product of your will, therefore, you can either make a decision to be happy or be sad. No humongous situation can enforce the condition of the state of your mind without the cooperation of your will. If you deliberately refuse to bow to a rage, you can’t be submerged by the rage.

There are certain experiences I have encountered that would have swallowed me up. When I finally stepped out of that bottomless pit, I shared with a few people around me, and their responses were like, ‘You never showed it. We never knew you were going through something like that’ I’m not saying this to feel like a superstar, because during the course of my trial, there were many times I wept like a lost child because I just couldn’t predict when and how I would get out of the mess. But in spite of the mess, I didn’t show the world that I was being battered within. I made a decision to be happy, and carry on with the pursuit of my dream. In those days of turmoil, I wrote nine books. So, rather than use the time to mourn, I was preparing for a greater and better future.

Remember, happiness or sadness is in your will; it is up to you to impose joy where rage seems to predominate.

Let your eyes be on your vision: the best way to conquer sadness, disappointment or feeling of irritation is through the picture of your mind. If the eyes of your mind are open, and can behold the images of a better tomorrow, painted on the board of your mind, no agony can take away your symphony.

When pains come, keep looking at that picture; that picture will save your day. When disappointments surface; keep staring at that picture; that picture will rescue your joy. It is the picture of your dreams and visions that can subdue the dims and grim of the day. Without that, you’ll feel like there’s nothing to live for. No matter how irreparable your condition might be, the picture of a good vision will save the day. So, dream the unusual; envision the impossible. Even if it finally doesn’t come to pass, at least, it will give you peace, and where there is peace, construction workers are willing to build. You never may know; there are people waiting to see your storm still, so they can erect a beautiful edifice in your world.

Say what you want into your day: some people wake up cursing their day by using swearing words, and their day ends up in curses. Your day is as good as what you say.

Every morning, before my children go to school, we usually have moment of prayer and affirmation. During the affirmation, I ask them to say this recitation after me, ‘As I go to school today, I believe in my heart, and I confess with my mouth, that I am the head, not tail. I am intelligent. I am wise. I have knowledge and understanding. I set goals; I score goals. I am a visionary; I have foresight; I can see. I am on the mountain top; I’m exposed for good, not for evil. I’m a child of purpose; a child of destiny. I set targets; I hit my targets…..’ With this, and other positive steps, I won’t deceive you; my children are among the best in the school.

Your happiness is in your hands; use it. You can wake up every morning deliberately happy, in spite of the excess luggage of challenges you’re carrying. Remember, the luggage will always be there whether you smile or frown, so why not choose the best alternative; joy in the morning!




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