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My belief is stronger than death, and that is why I live. I have made a decision to fly even if I hate heights. I have said to fear, “you can’t stop me.” I cross the mighty oceans with glowing smiles because, though the pressure from beneath rage, I have the inner power to win over dread. I will challenge doubts and everything that encouraged it to taunt me. I will say to my future, “Don’t worry in spite of the many reasons to.” I won’t look back to the tears of yesterday except when it makes me aspire. Like a Marathoner, I will push my energy beyond my tiredness, and prove only to myself that I can. I will blame no one if I fail, not even myself because I have the power to start again and still finish before sunset.

Mocked and ridiculed by those backstage; my only perturb is to keep going. My errors are many, but I am unwilling to stop trying. My imperfections soar to the high heavens, but who says I won’t keep fighting till I get it right? I have moved on from giving a hoot on what suits the foot, or maybe, the fools. I pay no attention to chatterboxes who critique those who drive, as they sit on the fence of indolence.

Like a dreadlock rasta, I write my lyrics with deep ponder in mind. My symphony may not be that rhythmic, I still compose using poetry to salvage what should have been a weak end, and turning it into strength. I am not laughing yet, but I don’t care, because I knew from the start point that I wasn’t going on a funfair. I will keep paddling my boat carefully sailing through the storm with so much caution.

I know that no matter how hard I fight or complain, certain attitudes and perceptions in the world will not change. Despite things not changing, it is my responsibility, and it is in my power to change. If I don’t change, I won’t be in the position to challenge issues and make a difference. Standing in the circle of immobility and expecting things to happen never makes things happen. Luck creates nothing; only targeted efforts do. If I want something to happen, dream is insufficient to precipitate what I want. If I am not running, even if I practice disappearing act, my magic will not be counted as a concerted effort towards a set goal. I am only considered an achiever when I have an archive of success.

When we walk through many roads, we wonder if there is any relationship between where we want to be and where we are. We get frustrated, irritated, agitated… But what we fail to realize is that every route we access by natural default is a link to our destiny. It may hurt when you become answerable to those who should serve you. It pains when those you should teach, teach you, and even teach you nonsense. But if you are made to run through that lane as part of the test to your own Kingdom, do it with a broad smile on your face. Stop moaning; start driving. We’ll hear your inspirational story when you get there.

Your yesterday has exposed you. Your history has revealed you. Because you beat the odds, no one will undermine you – no one will treat you with levity or take you with a pinch of salt. Except you up your game, you’ll be exposed. The strength and exacerbation of yesterday aren’t enough to make you win today. To fly higher, you must install extra plugins that will give you new features not currently available to your competitors. That additional zest, quest, hunger and drive will perturb those running side by side your lane. You’re in the watch, not by your admirers, but by those who are itching never to see your back again, and eager for you to see theirs as they disappear far ahead of you. Life is a competition – you must keep driving speedily on your lane with your heart and head on the rules of the game. In all you do, remember that safety comes first.

Dream has an internal power of making itself happen. Never approach life with empty hands…

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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