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Your position today, wasn’t different from yesterday, because you did nothing to make it different. And if you continue to do nothing today, tomorrow won’t just remain like today, but will also have a resemblance with yesterday. Change comes when you raise your game. If your input level is the same all year, don’t expect a change because you will continue to get the same result. What will help you raise your game are as follows:

Managing your weaknesses: Just like impurities cover treasures, weaknesses also cover strengths. In your weakness is hidden, a massive strength. Those who say they can’t do it can actually do it beyond our imaginations. Their inabilities to do it are empowered by the words, ‘I can’t’. There is great speed hidden in a sloth; only discipline can bring it out of him. Whatever you want to do, you can actually do. You’ve not done it because you always feel that you can’t. If it is conceivable, it is achievable. If it is thinkable, it is doable. Inasmuch as it is within the rules of nature and creativity, if you can imagine it, you can make it happen. There is nothing impossible for man to achieve if man does not focus on impossibilities. If you operate under the rules of natural justice and tread the road of discipline, your dream is attainable. The speed in a sloth can manifest if it decides to change its behavioural pattern.

Are you ready for change? Better still, are you willing to change? When do you want to change? When do you want the change? If you want it now, it can begin now! Raise your game; don’t play as usual. It is your raise that will change your place!

Running towards change: Some people withdraw from change when it should take place. When they pull back from responding promptly to purposeful innovation, they call it patience. They misconstrue laidback mentality for patience. A laidback attitude is not the same thing as patience. Patience is productively aggressive while waiting for vision to be fulfilled. Vision is the destination you see. Vision is the picture of the end of a pursuit that you can see before and during the pursuit. If you sit back, you may continue to see the picture but cannot get to the picture. What takes you there is not just what you see, but what you do. If you see it but don’t run towards it, you can’t reach it. Those who have reached it went for it. Those who are there got there by moving with speed to get there. If you’re not doing what you should do to be there, you will end up there only in your dreams and imaginations. To actualise what you visualise, you must sprint towards what you see. Instead of sprinting, some people splint. Get up; wake up!

Understanding the relevance of challenges: A challenge is provocation. A challenge is confrontation. Challenges bring difficulties in jobs or undertakings. A challenge is something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, or special effort. Challenges are bitter and upsetting. Challenges trouble your comfort zone. No one in the true sense likes to be challenged.

In spite of all its rigours, challenges produce the heat that melts your metal in order to remake you for the better. Everyone is a hard metal, unwilling to change for the better, because of the pains of transformation. In order to move into something ahead of you that is better, challenges will unsettle you, thereby making your current position uncomfortable. Since no one likes discomfort, you will be forced to move. For any move, there is the opportunity of going higher if you open your eyes. See the good in a challenge. Rise up to the occasion, and deal with the situation.

Reviewing your input: To review means to re-view. Re-viewing means you’re repeating the view. Re-view means you’re taking a second look. Viewing is an instance of seeing or beholding. Viewing is sighting, envisioning, contemplating, or considering. Any decision you make or action you take requires review. Taking a second look at whatever you do, will make you see the errors that need correction. Eliminating errors lead to perfection. The more you review, the more you perfect. Don’t settle at the beginning, take a second or even a third look at what you’re doing before making it public.

Knowing when to prepare: Light is a symbol of understanding, information, exposure, illumination, comprehension, and much more. Anything under light cannot be hidden. Where there is light, there is clarity.

Light is energy. Energy produces currents that give power and heat. For development to take place, you need light. Light brings transformation.

Apart from the various definitions of dark, it also stands for periods when someone or something is unknown. If you are aspiring to become something, the best period for preparation is when you’re unknown. These are quiet moments when you have all the time in the world. When you become known, you will have less quiet moments. Better prepare when you’re in the dark because light also exposes stupidity.

Improving your original self: Sometimes, I see some brands in third world nations borrow brand names from well known brands in western worlds. Whatever the rational may be, I do not subscribe to it. There may be some psychological marketing advantages connected to it; I still do not subscribe to it. As someone who believes in originality and creativity, I have come to understand that, you will always be second best, if you borrow a brand name. Every name has a destiny. Every name has a vision. Every name has focus. For any name borrowed, you become its inferior. You cannot be better than the destiny, vision, and focus of whatever you borrow. In short, even if you get to the destination of a borrowed name, you will be second best. You will always be second best if you borrow a brand name.

Be original. Be creative. Be yourself. It takes a lot of hard work to be you; still be you. You will earn more respect being you. Just be you!


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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