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You may have noticed many times that when cooking, the steam from the pot burns your skin harder than boiling water. The reason is because the energy of the steam is higher than that of boiling water. If the pots were humans, imagine how much pains they have to endure because they’ve been covered with lids in order to cook something.

Pots may not be humans, but in figurative terms, some humans are pots. How? When someone hurts you, and you refuse to forgive, you are producing a steam within. Unfortunately, because your inside is covered up, the steam does no one else harm but you. The only solution to your problem is to uncover; exhale!

If you don’t exhale, you will be cooking yourself within, and not too long, your internal organs will start showing you the impact of bottling someone. Then, you’ll become worse than those who hurt you. The best way to live is to exhale. Forgive those who hurt you even if they never said they were sorry. For your own good, don’t burn yourself with high energy; don’t steam up your inner self because you may end up killing yourself. No traitor is worth dying for; move on with your life and enjoy your existence. That is the best way to live.

If you don’t forgive, you get worried and become anxious. Many diseases and disorders have been linked to anxiety.  For instance, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry. The symptoms of GAD include tension, unrealistic view of problems, irritability, headache, nausea, inability to concentrate, tiredness, trembling, etc. Other forms of disorder associated with worry and anxiety are panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia, etc. One of the major causes of GAD is environmental factors such as abuse, lack of forgiveness, loss of a loved one, divorce, etc.

Why have disorders because of someone? Why go through trauma because you refused to exhale? When you exhale, you empty yourself of every disease-causing agent. Exhaling makes you feel like a free-flowing stream. Free flowing streams don’t harbor impurities; they purge themselves of dirt. People can drink from free-flowing streams without fear of infections. No one can safely drink from you if you don’t open up; opening up lets the steams go off. You are lethal if you keep brewing the storm that started with banter. Even if it was far more devastating than banter, get up, put a genuine smile on your face and move on with your life. Stop making excuses where you are. Start looking for every reason to be the best. Yes, they tore you to pieces; stitch yourself up and carry on. You are not an inspiration if you don’t know how to carry on. You can’t make an impact by sitting permanently in the place of disappointment. You can’t change anyone’s circumstance by remaining in limbo. Your success story begins with your ability to defy that odd, and your willingness to make it to the summit of positive minds in spite of your negative state. Get out of that cage. Move from cages to places. Refuse to be trapped!

Besides being hurt or offended by other people, some people are at war with themselves. Some hate the way they look or maybe, one or two parts of their body. Some dislike the tone of their voice, so anytime they speak, they get irritated with themselves. For some, they just don’t know why they war against themselves, and for others, mere seeing the morning get them irritated. That is why they wake up daily frowning and being antagonistic. Personal irritation is poisonous; you can’t be an inspiration when you self-poison.

One major reason for self-hate is years of incessant abuse. When, maybe, for years, someone or some people have continuously planted into your head how ugly you look, or how your head for instance, looks too big and out of shape, you start believing it. What you believe gets hold of you, and the worst place to believe a negative comment is the head. Your head plays that message over and over again until it gets to your spirit. Since your spirit is your subconscious, by default, you begin to express through impulse what you believe.

Believing the negative about yourself damages your self-esteem. This damage makes you feel inferior before people that you’re better than. With that, you begin to seek help from those that you should help. A self-esteem issue that isn’t promptly dealt with may lead to depression. Many are depressed because they never believed in their positive images.

One solution I proffer to people with personal irritations and self-esteem problems is to learn to speak to their images. There are three images of yourself you can speak to; the image on your mind, the image on the mirror, and the image on the physical picture. Beginning with the one in your mind, say to it what will boost its ego. Superimpose a bold, confident, beautiful and loving image of you on the negative one you’ve carried for long. And to the image on the mirror, as you stand before your reflection, tell that man or woman to get up and be who he or she was born to be. Don’t be too soft with that image. Tell it that he or she was created to be a superstar, and a superstar, he or she must be. To the image on the physical picture; hold the paper on your hand and admire the person you see on it. Caress that image; smile to it and address it with royalty. When you daily speak to your image the words that elevate, before long, your attitude towards yourself will change. Speaking to your image helps you exhale. When you exhale, you become an inspiration to others. You can be a mentor where you first hurt if you are determined to get up and move on with a more purposeful life.

Some people burn themselves up because of unfulfilled dreams. This is another factor that generates steams in the hearts of so many people, especially those that are aging. So many wanted to be, but couldn’t, and because they couldn’t, they mourn themselves to death. Must a man die because his dream never came through? Definitely no! Your experiences of failing in a dream should give you another assignment. That assignment is for you to become a mentor to the younger ones who are treading the same route. Since you know where you failed, teach them not to fail. Help them to know how to avoid the junctions of failure. By doing this, you actually get your dream fulfilled because what you couldn’t do, you’re able to help other people do. Helping other people become what you couldn’t become is the best way to exhale, which makes you an inspiration. If you cover up your negative experiences so that others will fall into the same trap, you are in real sense, brewing a poison within. Believe me, that poison is suicidal.

Another great way to exhale is to admit it. Admit it when you’re wrong. Admit it when you’re right. Give credit to people who deserve it. Accept credit if you deserve it. Don’t be too big to compliment people when the need arises, and don’t be too humble to accept it when offered one. Acknowledge people, and also appreciate being acknowledged.

Acknowledgement is a sign of maturity. Acknowledgment is referencing the people you used to get to where you are or achieve what you are doing. That is why I get muddled up when someone uses any bit of my books, articles or quotes without telling people the source. For me, it is worse than robbery. People who don’t reference you are wicked. They don’t only steal from you; they also envelop you with darkness so that potential clients or followers won’t find out about you. What will it cost to say where you got something from? Admission is acknowledgment. Acknowledge your source; that is maturity. Maturity exhales and inspires; immaturity covers up and ends up expiring. You were born to inspire; don’t ignore your purpose.

This information cannot be completed without talking about one very important factor of health and well-being. That factor is rest. Many people work themselves to death because they never take the time to rest. Rest rejuvenates a person; it makes you think afresh and feel fresh. If you take a rest, you become more effective, but if you don’t, you kill yourself. In literal sense, some people have died because they never took a break from work to relax and have fun. I do encourage hard work but I also encourage people to take time off work to sleep well, watch movies, be with family, or go for some recreational activities. Rest helps you exhale, and when you exhale, you become more inspirational. Don’t die because you want to hit a target; if you die, someone else will continue where you stopped and still achieve the same result without breaking much sweat. Exhale so that you can inspire!






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