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The end product of failure is dependent on how you react to it. If you deflate because you were defeated, you wouldn’t have enough air in your wheel to cycle out of where you were knocked down. Being knocked down isn’t the same as being knocked out because no one can knock you out, but the only person who can, is you. You knock yourself out by lying where you fell. You push yourself out of the contest by demeaning your abilities. You disqualify yourself by underestimating your potentials. Feeling inadequate isn’t an act of humility; it is a drive towards irresponsibility (in case you don’t know).

I was an introverted person; feeling strong within, but never having the gut to take the stage. I always felt I needed to do more in order to be up, unknown to me that a thousand potentials are less than a single action taken. In my mind, I was a superstar, but in my life, I was an ant in spite of so many things I could do. Connecting the real world with the unseen world (what lied within) helped me to begin treading on the road to my dream. If I hadn’t responded to that inner call, I would have died a hero within, only celebrated by my internal organs.

My initial dream as I was growing up was to become a medical doctor. Despite balancing all the chemical equations and solving all the calculations in Mathematics and Physics, the system within my country didn’t give me access to medical school. Then, when I saw doctors, I felt inferior. I didn’t realise that my call was to mend broken hearts and pull people out of the raging flood and storm through words and writing. Until that day that I discovered my reason for living, I was like a man with a broken future. My self realisation restored my self worth. Today, I may not be a hero to anyone, but to myself, I am the best thing that happened to the world. And because of this belief and confidence, I mentor doctors and people from diverse professions. I never made a first class, but in the pursuit of my dream, I am a first class product.

On this road, I have had people who with their aces, want to graze me. Because I have no name, and no profile, they feel I should shut my mouth up. What they don’t understand is that my force doesn’t come from my status; it comes from within. If you have a purpose, and actually embraced it, don’t feel intimidated; beat your chest and call yourself a hero. You are a star, not in the making; you are already made. Walk like a made man; act like a made man.

Regarding following their call and dream, people often ask, ‘Where do I begin from?’ My answer is; begin from where you are. You don’t need to be on stage to come of age. Look at your environment and see how your talent can make a difference. You don’t need to be where they motivate to activate. Activate your gift in that remote area and see how it will brighten up the place where people once considered dead. You can be a light in the dark. You can be an inspiration where all hope is lost. You can be a sight where no one else sees. It’s up to you if you really want to be.

When Nelson Mandela and mates stood up to fight apartheid, not many people thought they would succeed. They responded to their call to free South Africa when some black elites accepted the system for their personal gains. Some died. Some lived. But at the end of the tunnel, South Africa is free. They didn’t just free South Africa; they became inspiration to world leaders and those who will be. They didn’t just inspire leaders, they inspired all, and I mean all!

Those who are dogged don’t have special genes; they don’t even have extraordinary hearts. Many, who won, were cowards; they emerged because they didn’t give in to their weaknesses. Some people brave the night not because they aren’t scared of the dark. They simply say to themselves, ‘I will go with my fears’ You don’t know how strong you are until you compete, and you don’t know how weak you are until you try. Your test will expose your thirst. Test your call; stop sitting to moan. You are alive for a reason; never fold your arms for a season. Stretch those hands towards your destiny and hold firmly to that dream of becoming what you want to be. It will take hard work. It will take commitment. But after all said and done, it will take you there.

In your head, you can figure out those you know or have heard of, who are living their dreams. You too can, if you don’t give up on yourself. Those you adore never gave up; otherwise, they wouldn’t be in positions of adoration. Stop whining; start winning!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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