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Talent is a special natural and innate ability to do things that the average human being cannot do. Talent is the aptitude, capability, expertise, endowment, and the capacity for achievement or success in a creative
dimension. People with talents are gifted to operate in their areas of callings with unbelievable ease. Everybody craves for talent. Everybody honours talented people. Everybody respects talented people. Apart from the honours and respects bestowed on talented people, it has become obvious in the modern world that talented people earn far more than an average person in the street. So, talent introduces a man to the world of affluence and fame; talent introduces a man to the world of material abundance. However, I have discovered that possessing talent isn’t enough. I have realised that success can kill if not properly managed; good things can destroy if there are no checks and balances.

There are two stages of discipline involved in managing a talent. The first stage is the discipline that takes a man to the top; the second stage is the discipline that keeps a man at the top. To take full advantage of your gifting, you must aggressively and consistently cling to severe and rigorous hardwork. These characteristics push you through the ladder, until you get to the echelon of your career, profession, or pursuit. A lot of people who have succeeded acquired unusual skills through painstaking and pressure-soaking attitudes. Due to stage one discipline, they made it to the top of their giftings.

The discipline that keeps a talented person at the top is a lifetime assignment. This discipline is the most difficult aspect of managing success. Anyone who breaks the barriers of limitations can walk into success, but while at the top, there are no limitations. The only limitations on top are the ones you erect yourself. If you do not construct certain barriers while on top, you will self destruct. It is the barriers you build that will become your guiding principles. It is the limitations you place on yourself that will become your disciplined patterns.

Some people, while high up there, forget that they started from the floor, so, they act irrationally. Where there is no decorum, there can’t be order; where there is no order, you can’t find restraints. A life without restraint is a life heading to the ditch. A lot of people on top of the pyramid have been ditched because they kept breaching the laws of staying on top. It is easy to predict the destiny of a leader by looking into how he sits on his throne. To some people, sitting on their thrones is not enough. Until they sit on the heads of men, they never get satisfied. There are people who should be in the vanguard of success, but found themselves at the bottom because they lacked the character and discipline to stay on top. There are people in their rooms painting the pictures of success and failure at the same time. Instead of trading success, they decided to trade failure. A man called Emmanuel Ninger had what it took to live and die a successful man, but he opted for a downfall.

Emmanuel Ninger known as ‘Jim the Penman’ was born in 1845; he died in 1924. He relocated from Germany to United States in 1882 with his wife Adelaide. Ninger was a painter; a very talented one. The bane of his life was that he was also a fraudster. In 1887, Ninger went to a neighbourhood grocery store to buy some vegetables. The cashier’s finger was wet, so she noticed ink on her fingers from the $20 banknote given to her by Ninger. After handing Ninger his change, she called in the Police. As a result of Ninger’s excellent skill in painting, one of the Policemen was sure that the banknote was real but the other wondered why ink would drip from it when water was dropped on it. When they got a warrant to search Ninger’s house, they discovered that he was a fraudster painting counterfeit banknotes. In short, during the search, they found a $20 note in process. They also found three portraits painted by Ninger. These portraits were later auctioned for $16000 (more than $5000 each). The most annoying part of the story was that it took Ninger the same time he used in painting a fake $20 note to paint a portrait of more than $5000.

Ninger was not poor but his mindset told him he was, so he acted like one. Ninger was hard working but his mindset embraced the mentality of laziness, so he acted like one. Ninger had what it took to be among the greatest in his career, but his mindset told him he belonged to the gutters, so he acted like one. The mindset of a man controls his entire being. The mindset of a man determines his actions. The mindset of a man predicts his destination. To change a man, you must first change his thoughts. To change a man, you must first change the way he sees himself. To change a man, you must first change the way he sees the world. Perception is what determines conception. What a man thinks is what he gets impregnated with. The thoughts of a man are seeds waiting to be watered; when watered, they germinate and produce fruits.

Do you know that there are people who hurt themselves with the impression that they’re hurting other people? Do you know that there are people who ravage their futures in the flames of ignorance, but believe that they’re maiming someone else? The choice to walk on disciplined principles unfolds immense benefits at the end of a purposeful pain. There are people who pour alcohols in the fizzy cans of life with the impression that they’re mocking the laws of success unknown to them that they’re cheating themselves. In man, is the ability to make life better or worse; in man is the potential to succeed or fail.

Some people, instead of drinking from the sweetness of life, decide to throw it away, and substitute it with the bitter lagers of life. Your life paints two pictures; one is fake the other is genuine. Your destiny drinks from two cans; one is bitter, the other is sweet. To continue drinking from the
sweet can, let discipline guide your talent!





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