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Towards the end of every year, sensible minded people and those that haven’t given up on their dreams and to life, begin to review their achievements of the previous year – in this case, the achievements of 2017. As they peep into the year, or as they pay detailed attention to the happenings of 2017, they are able to pin down where they succeeded and where they appear to have failed, and with their analysis, make projections for the new year 2018. It isn’t enough to make projections or plans for a successful 2018, but rather, it would be absolutely more helpful to position yourself for a successful 2018.

What does it mean to position yourself? I will use a simple illustration to explain this. If for instance, an engineering company advertises for a job vacancy in which they need the services of an accountant, it will only take a person that studied and qualified as an accountant to apply – the studying to attain that professional standard is positioning – someone that dropped out as accounting student cannot apply because he hasn’t positioned himself as a qualified accountant. Besides attaining a professional standard to get the qualification, updating to excel in the profession is another form of positioning. For instance, these days, with the emergence of disruptive technology; software, applications, and digital technology have reformed the way things are done – we have moved from the traditional ways of doing things to more innovative approaches. An accountant that sticks to the traditional approach isn’t positioning himself for a successful year because no company will hire him.

The above illustration is just one of trillions of examples of positioning. Succeeding in 2018 will take more than a new year resolution – it will take knowing what to do, how to do it, and going ahead to committedly do it. And listen, it will require more than watching a five to ten-minute motivation video – it will have the need of everyday hard work. If you aren’t ready to work punctiliously, forget about succeeding this year – you must put in ten times the efforts you put in, in 2017, to make 2018 successful, otherwise, you wouldn’t get a different result from what you previously had. Doing the same thing makes you crawl on a uniform velocity, and when you stay too much on the same level, you’re prone to decelerate until you probably get to zero, or even below zero. The only way to go up is to push up – pushing up requires all your energy, and if you can borrow energy from other people, please do because you’re going to need it to climb a once, unreachable height. As you borrow energy, don’t forget to give something back to those that lent it to you. One of my goals in 2018 is to push Success Inks far high the search engine, especially Google Search Engine. Luckily, a friend who is astute in search engine optimisation took me through some lessons, and one of the points raised was the constant creation and publishing of original content. As I knew I couldn’t do it alone, I reached out to some people I have identified their ingenious talents, and a few agreed to be contributors to the blog, and in return, I have decided to push their articles on the social media through consistent paid adverts – this will put them in the limelight and showcase their abilities to the world, and who knows where this will take them! In 2018, don’t just use people – give back to those who gave to you – that is ethical business. However, what are the things to do to make 2018 your best year ever?

Review the Previous Year 2017

You can’t tell where you’re heading to, if you don’t know where you’re coming from. You must be able to assess your journey so far, so that you can strategize for the one ahead. Unequivocally speaking, review 2017 and account for it – accounting makes you take responsibility for the successes and failures, or for your indifference. Indifference, because some people stand with arms akimbo, unwilling to do anything. Indifference is the worst killer of any year, especially for those who sit in comfort zones. Most nine to five employees are indifferent to setting personal goals except clamouring for promotions at work. Your honest assessment of the previous year will set the ball rolling for the current one.

Ask Questions on How to Improve on Where You Failed

There are different ways and who to ask questions – you must combine a number of ways and who – don’t follow one routine, or you may fail again. The most successful people on earth are those who know how to ask questions. Don’t be too proud to say you don’t know what you don’t know – put your ego aside and learn from those that are better than you. If someone is getting the results you aren’t getting, and he’s willing to instruct and direct you, do yourself some good by listening to the person.

Push the Boundaries Where You Succeeded

If a man scores 90% in a project – that is excellent, but how about the 10% left? Scoring an A does not mean there isn’t more work to be done, so get up and push the boundaries. In 2018, I will push the boundaries, and I expect you to do the same.

Set New Goals

If you don’t set new goals, you’re positioning yourself for failure. And if you set new goals without pursuing them, you are equally positioning yourself for failure. What’s the point setting goals without the determined mind to achieve them? Starting now, you must make up your mind to put some things you want to achieve by December 2018 on paper, if you haven’t already done it. Setting new goals does not really mean putting some mega projects on paper, but splitting your expectations into bits and pieces so that they would be easy to accomplish. You can dream of owning the world, but never set goals of owning the world because that is impossible.

Don’t Set New Goals

This appears like a contradiction, but it’s not. If you have written goals in the previous year that you haven’t worked on, there isn’t a point setting new goals – work on the previous ones, but only simply update them like digital apps. Go into your archives and dig out the plan you had in the past and start working on them now – dust that sheet of to-do list, review it, revamp it, update it, and move on.

Analyse the Big Boys

Before launching my blog, I reviewed the 100 Best Blogs in the world – based on their concepts, I designed my strategy of content creation. And for over three years, I have created quality content (articles, videos and audios), but what I haven’t done is look into their secrets of climbing high on search engines and monetisation. This year 2018, I have set that as my number one goal, amongst other major goals. To succeed in your endeavour, you must look into what successful people are doing. In terms of content creation, I am excellent, but in ranking and monetisation, I am rubbish, but I’m fed up with being rubbish and so have decided to do something about it. Once again, I will pick about a hundred best blogs to analyse what they’ve been doing to boost their rankings and make thousands and millions of dollars. I am determined to do so – I have no wings, but I will fly on the wings of successful people until I grow mine. Do the same and see how successful 2018 will be.

Take Your Chance

Believe me, everyone’s chance does come, but many don’t realise when it does. Most chances come in subtlety, and if your eyes aren’t large and illuminated, you will miss it. When your chance comes, please be wise to identify it and take it.

Learn to lobby

I have been absolutely ignorant about lobbying, or maybe, arrogant about it. It just dawned on me that nothing goes for nothing – there’s always a meeting point between success and the ability to spin your way through it. All mega publishing companies lobby for their yearly released titles to be nominated for international writer’s awards. All renowned recording companies lobby for their artists to be nominated in top rated musical awards. Same goes for film production companies. If these big guns lobby, why can’t I lobby, in my little way to make little breaks until I make it into bigger ones? This is one of my top priorities in 2018. What are your priorities? Let me know. Maybe we can rub minds and come up with something outstandingly successful!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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