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A few months ago, my level of dissatisfaction climbed to the high heavens, and I knew it was time to do something challenging, otherwise, I would get completely deflated.

Many years ago, I had a plan to do something that would be a backbone to how I want to exit this world, and what I would like to leave behind as an inheritance to the next generation. I kept pushing the plan forward because I felt it was too expensive, and I thought it would be time consuming, and probably, the commitments it requires will make me earn less for now. Because of these excuses, I endured impediments, and stomached all the rubbish that I shouldn’t, where I shouldn’t, until one night, I reached the peak of frustration.

Without giving a damn, and with so much anger in my mind, I reached out for the computer, and began to make enquiries – I sent tens of emails, and in two days, I started getting responses of what to do.

It took me close to 17 weeks of the year to fight for what I wanted. I cried so many times, as most responses I was getting was rejection. To rub it in, some organisation knowing fully well I was qualified, would lead me into believing that I have a place. They made me write essays and undergo interviews, and in the end, came up with ludicrous excuses for rejection. In spite of that, I didn’t stop.

What made it tough for me was because I wasn’t going for anything – I was going for ratings and rankings – I wanted something that would help me compete in the world. There were easy ones, but I didn’t want those ones because they wouldn’t take me to where I want to be.

In the end, I got what I wanted because I didn’t give up.

If you’re there, with a plan in your head, or fed up of where you are, and you want to go for that dream, let me advice on what to do.

First, you must identify your starting point – identify your beginning. The beginning of a building is the foundation, not the roof. The beginning of education is reading and writing. The beginning of a business is ideas. Find out where you should start because if you don’t, you’ll keep beating about the bush. Each person’s beginning is unique – don’t use another person’s as yours. It’s you alone that know where you stopped, and where you should start from.

Secondly, brush yourself up. There are lots of things you did in the past that will act as foundations for your new start, and you may have forgotten most of the things you learnt – go back and brush up. If for instance, you’re going back to school, the things you learnt ten years ago, aren’t in your head anymore – go back, on your own and brush up.

Another thing you must do is find out who runs the next page of your life. If you’re starting a business for instance, find out the organisations responsible for registrations, and the ones responsible for advice, loans and supports for small and medium scale enterprises. You need all the supports.

As you do your research, apply yourself to start where you stopped. It isn’t enough to enquire and not take actions – you need to move with your enquiries, and be very determined because what will shock you first is the high level of negativities you’ll get. There will be loads of discouraging outcomes. There will be loads of rejections and refusals for all the flimsy reasons in the world. You’ll get to where you want to give up, but don’t – you must continue. Never take a no for an answer. As one says no, go for another, and another, and another. Continue going because after all the rejections, there will be lots of acceptances behind every negativity!


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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