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For some, 2016 was quick to go, and for others, it was too sluggish. Just like every other year, it was a massive success for some, and a few more people would complain that it brought nothing lucratively memorable for them. Whatever the year meant to you, there’s nothing you can do now, and you don’t have the ability of stopping it to wind up and close it’s own chapter. For a progress-minded person, what you can do now is look ahead, and what is currently ahead of you is 2017. 2016 represents history, but 2017 stands for opportunity.

Many people moan of not being given opportunities, but here comes one before you – what you do with it is massive to how you end up, come December 2017. How you end does not depend on how much you have now, or will have, but how you manage the resource called TIME. 2017 comes with 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds. What will you do with all these? Because what you do will decide the next phase of your life. Life is an opportunity; life is time and time is life. It isn’t money that makes you – it is what you do with your time.

Between September and December 2016, I was in Nigeria twice, both in the city and village due to my father’s death. Beyond my bereavement, another major thing that broke my heart was seeing too many young people in the cities and villages hanging around jobless. The boundless amount of human capital flaring into the atmosphere like wasted gases hurt me to my bones. No one has created anything for them to do, and they also haven’t created anything for themselves because there’s probably nobody putting them through on what to do. This is a challenge for 2017!

Crave Towards Independence

We need the government, we need people, we need families, we need friends and neighbors, but the most important person you need to make your life worthwhile is YOU. You can’t be waiting for people to make things happen for you because you might wait forever. It’s time to put on your thinking cap and brainstorm. You must ask yourself some very salient questions – ‘”What am I good at?” “How can I convert what I am good at into business?” “What should I do to give life a meaning?” “Where can I go to get advice on how to make my talent work?”‘ By asking yourself questions, answers will begin to emerge.

Craving towards independence also involves those who have paid jobs. What happens to you if your company folds up in 2017, or you get retrenched? Depending on one source of income is like putting a hang man’s rope on your neck – any minute, that rope can be pulled. Economic independence is entrepreneurship – go get your own business side by side your paid income. Like the biggest supermarket chain in the UK puts it, “Every Little Helps!” Stop relying on one source of income – be versatile!

Develop Yourself

When I hear some people say they are too old for education, I am not surprised why they’ve been stagnant in terms of making meaningful progress and contributions to life. The fact is that there isn’t an end to self development. In 2017, you must add some knowledge to what you already have; if you don’t, the result of 2017 won’t be different from 2016. You are as successful as your level of knowledge and understanding. Developing yourself does not mean sitting in a conventional classroom – you can go online to learn some new skills, you can register for one day course to learn something relevant to your area of endeavor, you can ask a friend or family member to teach you, or, you can sign up for apprenticeship somewhere. To make a difference and overcome the challenges ahead of you, you need some new skills, and you don’t acquire them by not going where you can learn them.

The Mindset

In my book, “Be An Icon,” there is a chapter titled, “Change That Mindset;” it is the longest chapter. I took the time to put more into that chapter because I know how a lot of people have failed because of their obscured mentalities. In 2017, if you don’t have a change of attitude, your results can’t change. You can’t think the same way, act the same way, and expect something different to happen. If your thoughts are in the wrong direction, your solutions or approaches will also be wrong. Successful people have success-mindedness, and without that, you’re doomed.

Most young people, like in a movie, want to wake up one morning and jump into millions of dollars without hard work. It doesn’t happen that way, and it will never happen that way. Behind every young successful person are grey-headed men that have put him through. The brains behind Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire  owner of Facebook are people of huge experiences – people only see the surface, they don’t look or think beyond in order to decipher what lies behind the scene. To succeed, your backstage must be full of positive minded people; those, who in spite of your talent, tell you to sit down, and you sit – and when they tell you to stand up, you stand. If you think you can control your life, all by yourself, you’re the most stupid idiot on earth.

Stop Planning Start Doing

Too much planning makes your vision redundant. You must build a skeleton of where you’re going, and on-the-go, start adding flesh to it. Your creativity must be on motion, otherwise; you create nothing.

A lot of people plan too much but do nothing about their plans until their ideas filter into other smart people’s minds. Smart people then, quickly work on the ideas and bring them to fruition. You lose out when you plan too much. I love NIKE Slogan; it says, “Just Do It!” Stop planning, start doing!

Less Entertainment

Entertainment is good, parties are good, because they help you cool off after much stress, but when they become your lifestyle, you can’t think straight. To build VISION 2017, you need to think straight. To count your blessings, and to even have something to count in December 2017, you must put your round bottom on the chair, sit tight and work hard. It doesn’t just happen; it happens only when someone does something. Do something with your life!


 I decided to conclude with this bit of advice because of my experiences in the last few months. I noticed that some people are still hooked to the old generation phones, and with them, you can’t access the social media. I also realized that some people use smart phones but don’t optimize their usages because they feel using the social media is a waste of time. If you’re in this position, you better wake up and smell the coffee – it is daybreak – life has moved on. The best, easiest and cheapest way to communicate these days is by using the social media. I waste money buying calling cards to communicate with some people outside United Kingdom because they wouldn’t update themselves – no Facebook, no WhatsApp, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no nothing. Tell me, “what planet are you from?” Wake up, wake up, wake up – it is 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing You a Happy 2017. Please Subscribe to Success Inks. Have a Fruitful Year ahead!!!

I Love YOU ALL!!!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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