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Everybody wants money, but what do they need it for? To buy, live happily, enjoy life, or what? I have seen and heard of people that in my opinion have no reason to handle money. I have considered money to be like a seed in the hands of a farmer, which isn’t meant to be wholly eaten, but to be planted in order to yield more produce, which will in turn feed and take care of the needs of humanity. The needs of humanity aren’t just immediate; they are also futuristic. For someone that only sees today, tomorrow doesn’t matter to him. If it doesn’t, money on his hand becomes an instrument of squander rather than wonder. Those who see money as wonder, use it for creative purposes, but those who think it is meant, only to be spent, waste it until they end where they began; poverty.

Who are those that shouldn’t handle money?

A man without vision: where there isn’t a vision, there isn’t a future. Without a future, everyone just lives for today; living for just today is suicidal.

So imagine what it will look like, handing money over to someone that does not believe in tomorrow, cannot see tomorrow, or does not even see any reason for tomorrow. It will be a disaster!

Unfortunately, there are certain people that have been handed responsibilities to run the futures and destinies of people, but don’t believe in their futures. How on earth can you take me somewhere you cannot see? There are leaders that can’t see the tomorrow of the people, but insist on sitting on the throne to make decisions on behalf of those they don’t believe in. Money in the hand of a man without vision is money in the hand of an irresponsible man. Money in the hand of an irresponsible man is money in the hand of a wrong man.

A vision without a plan: many people have visions, but that is where it ends for most of them. Many always say where they want to get to, but never make any plan to get there. Listen, vision isn’t enough if there isn’t a plan to make it work. Have a vision with a plan, otherwise it will be illusion.

How about handing money over to a visionary that hasn’t got a plan? He only sees pictures; he’s only theoretical, but there isn’t tangibility attached to his vision. He has a good intention but there isn’t a substance in his dream. If there is no substance, there can’t be a translation from the intangible to physicality. So, before money is handed to him, make him show his plan.

A spoilt child: a spoilt child is a child that does not understand and appreciate values because everything was provided for him on a platter of gold. Because he didn’t work for it, and did not see the tedious process it took to create values, he undermines it, wastes it, and plunders it. I dislike spoilt children.

If you hand money over to a spoilt child, he uses it like tissue papers.

An ungrateful person: big or small amount, ungrateful people never appreciate the value of what they are given. If it’s small, they complain; if it’s big, they think that they deserve it. One common attitude among ungrateful people is that they hardly say thank you. Even if they do, they hardly mean it. They can take your money and in a few days insult you.

Money in the hand of an ungrateful man is another form of waste. Ungrateful people don’t help needy people. That’s the whole truth.

A man without skills: a man without skills is like a beautiful knife with a dull edge. Dull edges can’t cut. A man with no skill can’t cut.

To be qualified for money, you either already have a technical skill or possess that personal attribute that will take you beyond where you currently are. If you don’t have at least one of them, you’re in for serious trouble. A man without skill and no character is a failure.

A man that doesn’t value legacy: if you belong to an organisation that is well branded, it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity, culture and quality of the brand. If you can’t see the value of what you belong to, you have a problem.

Not too long ago, I went to a function where a representative of a top brand was given the opportunity to speak. When she commenced, I was hiding my face in shame because the presentation was a flaw. Due to that, I began to question the criteria behind the appointment of leadership in such an organisation.

If you don’t understand what you represent, you’ll misappropriate the budget. You must realise the quality of what you stand for, in order to wisely, spend what you’re given.

If you want money to multiply on your hand, have a vision with a plan, grow up, be grateful, have a skill (having multiple skills is essential), and value legacy.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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